8 Awesome Primers For Under $15

When it comes to makeup, there are a few products that I can’t live without. And one of those is primer. I didn’t know about primers for the longest time, and when I finally got my little hands on one, it changed my life. Seriously. For anyone with oily skin, any product that keeps your makeup on all day is heaven-sent.

I’ve tried tons of primers and don’t usually stick to just one because my skin likes to get used to things rather quickly. So I often switch up the primer I’m using depending on my skin, the weather or just sheer boredom. One thing I don’t really like about some of my favorite primers is the price. I’m a big fan of high-end primers, but my wallet does not like them so much.

There are good primers that you can find on a budget! So check out these primers to keep your face and wallet happy.

Do you use a primer? What’s your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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