10 Ways To Get Your Boyfriend To Do Whatever You Want

Let’s be real: we all like getting what we want, especially in a relationship. I mean, obviously. The problem is that sometimes, no matter how much we want something, the other special person in our life doesn’t really that something that much. Sometimes, especially if you and your boyfriend are really different, it can be hard to get him to do what you want.

This is where I come in with these tips. Honestly, I’m pretty good at getting what I want from people. Let me be clear: I’m not manipulative or sneaky about it. I don’t have any crazy tricks that I pull to get my boyfriend to do what I want. I guess I just know how to talk him into things. Relationships are about compromise and while you can’t always have things your way, that doesn’t mean your boyfriend can’t make some sacrifices for you once in a while.

So, here are 10 tips to get your boyfriend to do whatever you want – most of the time.

Did you find these tips helpful? How do you get people to do what you want? Tell me in the comments.


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  • susaf

    Hey these are good tips but may be we girls need some more …sumthing dat definately works out…!..!

  • Lucidkitty

    So if you made a article like this with the titles reversed that would be okay right? If you can’t see the sexism in this article, then there is something wrong with Gurl.

    • Jessica Booth

      Did you read through the article? It’s actually not sexist at all. Every tip is fair for both sexes.

    • Ren

      Its a girls website for girls! Its not sexist, its just aimed at girls to give them advice!

  • LittleRedWolf

    I’ll be honest, the title of this article had me prepared to be pretty disappointed, but I’m glad I read through it all before commenting. It does make some really good points, and I’m glad you said not to beg or guilt-trip or push too much. I honestly can’t stand it when I see girls “making” their boyfriends do things with them (like seeing movies the dude might not be interested in, or wearing couple costumes at Halloween that he hates). A boyfriend is not your plaything or personal servant to command. There are certain activities he’s just not going to be into, and you’re better off looking to one of your female friends for. Don’t ‘force’ your guy to do something he really doesn’t want to do. It’s probably only going to make him resentful. And also, keep this in mind: Are you really going to enjoy an activity as much if you know your boyfriend isn’t all that into it, and not having that great a time? Wouldn’t you have enjoyed it a LOT more if you went with someone who was as into it as you? I know, for me personally, I like to make sure the person I’m with actually WANTS to do the thing. I want us both to have fun. If the other person isn’t enjoying themselves, I’m not going to enjoy it as much, either.