How Do You Make Your Period Lighter and Less Heavy?

Hi Heather,

I really hate my periods. They are always really heavy and it makes me feel really anxious. I especially hate going to school when I have my period because I’m always worried about it leaking and it just feels horrible. I don’t get pain, but the fact that it’s so heavy makes it just as bad. Is there anything I can do to make my period lighter?

Aw, girl! Since your period is something that is (ideally) always going to happen on a regular, monthly basis, it definitely shouldn’t be affecting your life this way. Getting your period shouldn’t make you feel so anxious and stressed! The good news is that there are a few possible ways to make your period lighter. The bad news? Nothing is 100 percent guaranteed. But we’ll get to that later.

The first thing you need to do is try to figure out why your period is so heavy. Honestly, some girls just have a heavy flow and it doesn’t mean that anything weird is going on. But before you decide that that’s just how your period is, talk to your doctor about it. Take note of how often you have to change your tampon or pad, how long it’s really heavy for and if there is any fluctuation and then talk to your doctor about it to make sure everything is okay. Another thing that can make your period heavy is puberty. If you just got your first period recently, your body could still be going through some hormonal changes and it may be something that will fix itself.

Once you figure out what’s going on down there, you can try a few different things to try to make your period lighter. One of the biggest things you can do is consider going on the birth control pill. The right pill can make your period both lighter and shorter. But the pill also has other side effects, so talk to your doctor about it first.

You can also try eating a healthier diet and getting more exercise. Some women find that unhealthy diets full of sugar, processed foods and saturated fats make their periods heavier. Some women also find that exercising regularly can help make their periods lighter. Another thing to watch out for? Your stress levels. Too much stress can cause wacky periods.

However, I can’t promise you that any of these solutions will absolutely, definitely make your period lighter. If nothing works, you sort of just need to learn to deal with it. If you’re really worried about leaking, there are a few things you can do. Buy super pads, which are heavier and thicker. If you hate the bulkiness of that, use a Super tampon AND wear a thin pad to have double the protection. Make sure you are changing your pad and/or tampon frequently in case things are getting too heavy. Also, when you have your period, make sure you wear dark pants so that if you do leak, it won’t be so obvious. 

I know heavy periods are uncomfortable, but think of it this way: it’s only one week out of each month!  As long as you’re doing what you can to prevent leaks, you shouldn’t spend so much time worrying about it.

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  • Libby

    hey, I get my period whenever it feels, this means that I usually don’t want to do stuff that involves me leaving the house unless I just finished my period and everytime I get up I check the chair! I don’t get any signs, so there’s no warning i only get cramps on my first day! so after my period has ended I try do as much as I can! and then after the 1.5 weeks after my period has ended i’m back to being anxious and not wanting to do anything! I suffer with anxiety, and when I do i’m usually having head aches and really bad pains and I feel sick ect. and it’s really annoying. when I have my period I usually have to change a ‘night always 8hr’ every 30minutes-1hr I have asked my mum for birth control but she doesn’t want me to gain weight and ruin my body! it’s so annoying as I hate going to school as i’m terrified of leaking! i’m about to go to boarding school and I think me going to boarding school on the pill worries her a lot as the pill is anti-pregnancy if you no what I mean. which is understandable but please any suggestions. I have tried everything. changing my diet I do exercise. I take my two dogs hiking everyday for 1hr and i’m a horse rider and I ride every night for 1 hr. please any suggestions. there also super heavy and my mum knows that. she told me to use one of hers and I did and leaked through within 2hrs and it was the biggest pad ‘always’ preduces for women in the 40 I think she said. and this effects me a lot because I don’t take pads to school as nobody knows as I don’t wanna be teased if they find out. any thing that can help. and I also don’t know when they come sometimes every 2 weeks or 3 if i’m lucky and they usually last 10 days, first day fine and next 9 are changing pad every 1hr! I go through about 2-3 packs of 20 every period! and i’m 13

  • jessica

    hey u make ur month heavy

  • Steff

    Take Ibuprofen pain killers. As well as them easing the pain, they are blood thinners they really do lighten the flow. I take 2 every 4 hours on the heavy days

  • megan titus

    Hi I get my periods heavy got lots of pain and tummy and back hurts nothing helps I can’t eat during periods I cnt sleep pain to heavy I bring up food and I get very hot at times like hot flashes will this course me problems of geting pregnant

  • Lily

    I hate my period mine tends to be heavy and irritating but try drinking herbal teas my favourite’s camomile it’s so relaxing and should comfort any tummy pains 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Hey so I had that problem too. But just wear black pants while ur on and even If u leak it won’t show. And change ur pad between every two classes to be safe. And always keep ur abdominal area warm it kinda makes my flow lighter. Oh and if u drink lemons without adding water or sugar 3 times a day makes ur period SUPER light. So yah that’s it.

  • lucySykes1

    i know how you feel! when im at school on my period I super anxious and it stresses me out a lot I tend to change too often because I think im going to leak, I used to dance and I stopped like 2 years ago but I had some lycra hot pants, they still fit me and are just what I needed for my period at school to prevent leaking, they’re good for trousers or skirt’s! if you just look on a dance shop they’re not to expensive and are great if you have pe, if your periods too heavy try using a tampon and just a normal or super pad so you have double the protection, but if your still uncomfortable talk to a trusted adult/parent about seeing a doctor for other options. sorry if this didn’t help x take care x

  • Anonymous

    Get a silicone menstrual cup like the Diva Cup. You only have to change it every 12 hours, and it never leaks.

    • Amariah

      I would buy that but I would just feel grossed out that’s mins nasty that you are wearing something with a lot of blood on it for 12 hours straight

  • Anonymous

    Join your school’s swim team! Being in the water all of the time may seem counter intuitive, but it makes your periods really light and short.