8 Myths About Masturbation That Are Not True (Thankfully)

Masturbation has always been sort of a taboo subject (except at Gurl where I feel like we talk about it all the time), so obviously there are a lot of masturbation myths out there. I’m not surprised – myths usually come about when people are too afraid to talk candidly about something. I’ve heard a lot of myths about masturbation that are just completely ridiculous and, well, enough is enough.

The truth is, masturbation is healthy, fun and perfectly normal, despite the fact that your friends may not admit to doing it. We all do it. If you need more convincing, read these facts about masturbation. If you need even more convincing, read on, as I debunk the 8 most common myths about masturbation. These are so silly they are actually funny.

Have you ever heard these myths? Have you ever believed any of them? Which ones? What did I miss? Tell me in the comments!


15 hilarious slang words for masturbation

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  • Aryan Erick

    Masturbation is really a wide-spread phenomenon. We all discover within our way of life that sexual wants maintain solid through the full bloom of our childhood time. On this time our highly effective testosterone are usually launched which can be affecting the particular the reproductive system areas regarding childhood.

  • Day

    Catholic church didn’t say anything about masturbation being a sin.

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  • Biology

    It has actually been proven that masturbation can make it more difficult for a MALE to orgasm, not sure about women but I’m sure its possible. For a guy its because it can actually damage his “goods” he would have to stop for awhile to get back to normal. Also it is actually NOT healthy to masturbate everyday because your body releases to much Oxytocin (the chemical that makes you happy) and eventually it take more and more of it to make you happy (kind of like a drug addict) and it can even cause depression which in some cases is not healthy.

  • Hannah

    It depends on what you use! Masturbating made it impossible for me to come in normal sex for a long time, because growing up I used the shower head and then graduated to a vibrator. I had only ever come through that direct buzzing on my clit so I had to re-train my body to react to subtler sensations.
    So mix it up ladies!

  • Faith

    Good article. By the way, I am catholic and I swear masturbating is not against the church. -.-“”””””””

  • M

    “the Catholic church created this lie as a way to scare people” that’s ridiculous