How To Stop Procrastinating: 8 Tips That Will Help You Get Stuff Done

In case you’re not familiar, procrastination is this evil thing where you can’t get any actual work done because you’re too busy putting it off to do stupid things that you don’t need to be doing. Confession: I might be the world’s biggest procrastinator. I am constantly leaving things until the last minute… and then rushing around like a maniac trying to get those things done. In high school, I once put off a 20-page research paper until the night before it was due. The night before! I thought my parents were going to kill me.

Procrastination sucks for a few reasons. It leaves you feeling pressured, stressed and anxious. It affects the quality of your work because when you’re rushing to get something done, you’re much more likely to create silly errors. It also leaves virtually no room for bad luck of any kind. Say you put a paper off until the night before, like I did. What happens if your computer mysteriously breaks? Or your printer stops working? Or you get sick and have to go to the emergency room? The worst part is, stuff like this only happens when you’ve procrastinated.

So, yeah, it’s not ideal. Although I have yet to conquer my procrastination (today I read roughly 10 BuzzFeed articles before I started writing for Gurl, but please don’t tell my boss that), I have learned to live with it in a way that is manageable. So, to help you guys out, here are 8 tips on how to stop procrastinating. You’re welcome.

Do you have problems with procrastination? How do you stop procrastinating? What tips did I miss? Tell me in the comments.


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