20 Things You Have To Do This Fall

Fall just might the best season of all time (sorry summer, I still love you though). Think about it: the weather is basically perfect and so the fashion is amazing – it’s cool enough to wear all of your cute jackets, yet not so cold that you’re bundled up like an Eskimo. There are pumpkin things everywhere, the leaves are the prettiest they’ll be all year, apples are in season, Thanksgiving happens and, I’ve saved the best for last, Halloween.

But, unfortunately, fall doesn’t last too long. All that means, though, is that you have to pack in as many fun activities as you can! There are tons of amazing things you have to do during fall, most of which are included in this list right here. If you want to have the best autumn ever, keep reading and check out these 20 things you HAVE to do this fall.

What is your favorite thing to do during the fall? Which of these things are you going to do? What did I forget about? Tell me in the comments.


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