GIF My Life: Going To Concerts

I’m a concert fiend. In fact, I’m trying as hard as I can to get tickets to see my favorite band next week and. If I can’t get these tickets I’m going to need a three day mourning period. I wish I was kidding.

So if you’re as obsessed about seeing your favorite bands as I am, you probably go to concerts as often as possible. There is an art to preparing for shows, but does anything ever go as planned? Nah, that’s a pretty rare occurrence. All the planning in the world can’t prevent you from ending up next to annoying people and missing out on all the good merch.

GIF Girl definitely has some first hand experience with concert drama. Here’s what goes down when she goes to concerts.

So I got tickets to my favorite show and I’m obviously super excited.



I make sure that I look rad, have everything I need and then head over with my friend.



We think that we’re there early, that we’ll be the first in line…until we actually get there


And we realize that we’re definitely NOT as early as we thought.


But we’re still there before most of the people in attendance, so we feel somewhat accomplished. Somewhat.


By the time we’re inside, rushing as close to the stage as possible, we play the ultimate waiting game. And unfortunately the people in our general vicinity are really, really annoying.


There’s chick who is already drunk.



The dude who is trying to impress some uninterested girls.



The dude who is already sweating bullets and happens to be chaffing against me. Ick!



The people trying to crowd surf before the headliner even starts.



The girls who are trying to push their way to the front.



Pfft, as if we’re letting them get past us.



And to top it all off, the opening band kind of really sucks. A lot.


It makes you wonder if bands choose crappy opening acts on purpose to make them look better.


Finally, the band we’ve been waiting for comes out and we’re finally having fun.



My friend is short so she’s having trouble seeing, but ain’t nobody got time to be worried about that right now.



All that matters is that the lead singer eventually makes eye contact with me.


(And I swear that they did.)


When the show is truly over, I am an elated, sweaty mess and head straight for the merch table.



Which is a mad house and they’ve already run out of the shirt I want in my size. Great.



Afterwards, we hang around the venue afterwards and try to meet the band. We end up waiting so long that we assume that they either won’t show up or they’ve already bounced.



Finally, just as we’re about to give up, they come out.



And in my top moment of sexiness, I make sure to get my sweaty self all up on my favorite member of the band for a photo.



But because the night is going a little too perfectly, I look at the photo and realize that I look like…well…a mess.


Better luck next time.


What are your concert experiences usually like? How do you avoid concert disasters? Tell us in the comments!

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