10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Shaving

Before I even started shaving, I remember watching a scene in Wish Upon A Star where Alexa, the main character, spends her morning shaving her legs until they’re silky smooth.

Later, as she lunches with her equally vapid friends, one of the girls shrieks and sneers at another. She said, “Sabrina, is that…stubble?

The fact that this scene has stuck with me so clearly for so many years emphasizes how much of a rite of passage shaving is in our culture, especially for teenage girls. We notice our legs getting hairy, realize that we’re not supposed to have hairy legs and finally breach the shaving question to our moms. Some moms, like mine, are fine with it. Others forbid it. Nevertheless it happens eventually and it becomes so normal that it is hard to remember a time before we started shaving in the first place.

Thanks to years of shaving disasters and breakthroughs, there are definitely some shaving tips in my arsenal that I think everyone should know. Here’s 10 things I wish I knew before picking up a razor.


And some must-watch shaving advice from one of our all time favorite people, Cheyenne:

What have you learned the hard way when it comes to shaving? Do you have any shaving tips to share? Do you even shave? Tell us in the comments!

GIF My Life: Cutting Yourself Shaving

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  • candy

    i hav got dark patches in my underarms how to get rid of them i shave them

    • Mersades

      to your question.nits not a shaving problem its and damaged skin cells problem. Watch a recent dove commercial it will explain it all. To removed the darkness, you just need to moisturize. I use dove’s deodorant. its cheap and effective, you can also use Vaseline, with fixes everything. including and razor bumps near your bikini area. With Vaseline i would put it on at night because Vaseline doesn’t stop you from sweating. repeat daily and he dark patches will be gone in no time

  • NorthStarSea

    Harry Potter references make NorthStarSea happy.

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  • jane

    I usually only shave when other people are going to see my legs, like in the summer when i’m going to wear a skirt or before sports class when i’m going to change in front of everyone; but i hate doing in because i always miss a bit, and it takes forever. i rarely shave my armpits because i just can’t seem to manage to get all the hair off, and it really stings afterwards.
    my mum doesn’t actually know i shave. i have to secretly steal razors from my dad’s stash and hide them in my room.

  • Cartoony

    yeah i know i was going to write Dr.Oz said there was a diffrence

  • Kia

    On the Dr.oz show he said there is a difference between men’s razors and women’s. The difference is that men’s razors have different angled, sharper and closer blades because men have very course facial hair. Women don’t , so when a woman uses a men’s razor they are itritating there skin and a men’s razor gets duller quicker when used on the many areas women shave compared to men shaving on there face; therefore there is a difference between the two.