#SingleBecause… 15 Tweets That Might Explain Why You’re Single

The question, “why are you single?” seems so dumb… not to mention a little mean, depending on how you take it and who’s asking. But, hey, leave it to Twitter to make the question into something amusing that I’m sure most of us can relate to.

The hashtag #SingleBecause brings about many funny one-liners for you to say to people who are bugging you about being single and also a bunch of hilarious memes and images. So, why are you single? I’m betting you can find the answer in one of these tweets. Here are 15 of our favorites from the trending topic hashtag #SingleBecause:


Truer words have never been spoken.


So true though, right?


I like Will’s attitude!


Yeah, probably.


If I were single, this would be the reason.


Sometimes very accurate!


Hi Ryan Gosling… and Zac Efron… and Leonardo DiCaprio… and James/Dave Franco….


Because who cares why?


Yeah, it’s that simple.


I feel you, LC.


This basically sums it up.


Are you, though?


Ugh, I know. What’s up with that?


Obsessed with this.


The sloth gets it!


Which of these tweets is your favorite? Why are you single? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Sarah

    She wears short skirts
    I wear tshirts
    She’s cheer captain
    And I’m staring at you from across the bleachers wondering why you don’t notice me from like 100 feet away when I’m mentally begging you in my mind to look and speak to me without actually talking to you and then wondering why you don’t acknowledge my presence….
    (To the tune of Taylor swift)

  • FrerardGurl1031

    Omg, my favorite comment is so the #SingleBecause mentally dating a celebrity that has no idea I exist. Yeo, that’s me alright! 🙂

  • courtney

    she wears short skirts
    I wear band merch
    shes cheer captain
    and im an antisocial bundle of hate

    • FrerardGurl1031

      You just described my life in words…