10 Ways To Tell If You’re The Teacher’s Favorite In GIFs

Since I absolutely loved school, I was always into being the best student ever. I went through my entire school career without even getting a detention. And teachers loved me because I was a bit of a suck up. Okay, I was a lot of a suck up. Whatever, my teachers loved me.

But you don’t have to be a suck up for your teachers to love you. Sometimes you just find a teacher that you really get along with. Here are some ways to know if you’re the teacher’s favorite:

They give you extensions on papers and assignments.

They always make time for you if you have a question.

They give you partial points if you get part of a question right on a test.

They let you pick your own group partners.

They don’t embarrass you in front of the class if you do something wrong.

They bail you out of being in trouble with other teachers.

They let you hang out in their office.

They let you leave class to go get food.

They agree with you in class even if you’re kind of wrong.

They make conversation with you outside of class. 

Do you think you’re one of the teacher’s favorites? Do these GIFs apply to you?Tell us in the comments!

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