What Are Some Good Nicknames For A Boyfriend Or Girlfriend?

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MatildaLove said:

“So, my boyfriend has a lot of cute nicknames he calls me: honeybee, habibti, sweetie, honey, gorgeous, beautiful, babe, princess, sunshine, beauty,… The list goes on, all of them I love.

I totally want to give him some, but am not sure what names I should give him, or how he would receive them. I’ve thought about babe, but that’s what my sister calls her boyfriend, so I don’t really want to call mine babe too. How do you feel about the name “charmer?” I don’t want to give him something too gooey, that he wouldn’t like or would be embarrassed if I was overheard.

He’s very masculine, intelligent, Lebanese, great blue eyes, not cute hot, but attractive/handsome, really attentive, extremely likable/friendly, and respectful.

Suggestions are appreciated. Also any advice on saying nicknames to him/ trying them out on him.”

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  1. avatar Nikita says:

    Well u can cal him sweety pie,honey,prince,hero,darling..

  2. avatar Hope says:

    Well, I’m Lebanese too; so for some Arabic nicknames you could call him Hayeti (my life) , or Alby (my love/heart), or even Rouhy (my soul/eternity)

    Pronunciations: Ha-yeh-tee; El-bee; Roo-hee

  3. avatar Jo says:

    There must be a nickname equivalent to ‘darling’ or ‘sweetheart’ in Lebanese. My guy is German, so we call each other the German equivalent of ‘darling,’ which is ‘schatzi’ or its more endearing form ‘snooki.’ Otherwise, I call him ‘Sleepyhead’ because he’s always tired. Just pick a quality you think he exemplifies and call him that…of course nothing rude, demeaning, or baby-ish… You can use: ‘Handsome’ or ‘Silly’ or ‘Sexy’.

  4. avatar Larissa says:

    Maybe tiger!

  5. avatar Eira says:

    I call my fiance Boo Boo and he calls me Baby Boo. Other than that I call him Handsome Devil, Babe, Baby, Sweety, Sweetheart, Love, Hun, Pumpkinpie(yes I know.. Cliche) but he loves all of them :3 <3

  6. avatar ella says:

    I suggest calling him something he really likes to eat, or a trait of his. Idk like… Snickers? Butterfingers? (just a random suggestion) it’s teasing in a cute way and not too gooey. people wouldn’t really know what you mean if they overhear you.

  7. avatar Cartoony says:

    Ohh and Prince charming :)

  8. avatar Cartoony says:

    Handsome,sexy,smarty,Hun,good lookin.ect.:) hope that helped

  9. avatar ashy says:

    Sugar bear

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