You Oughta Know: 7 Young Artists We’re Loving Right Now

I’ve loved art ever since I started drawing for the first time. Apparently I drew a bunch of my masterpieces upside down as a kid, which either means that I was a secret genius or just a kid who drew upside down. Either way, I stuck with it and always took art classes throughout my school years. While I still draw sketches every now and then, I’m feeling pretty rusty. But if there’s anything that makes me want to jump back into the art world, it is the awesome illustrations I see around the internet, especially the ones done by awesome young women.

From socially conscious to full on teen angst, these 7 artists are mixing fun aesthetics with messages that are super relateable. That’s why they’re some of our favorites to watch right now. Check ’em out, check out their art and give ’em some love.


Is there a young, female artist that you’ve discovered online that you want the world to know about? Who is your favorite at the moment? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Rocko

    OMG what great artists! I really like how artists of color were mentioned, it’s a tough business for those of us who aren’t white. I’m happy that I discovered some new artists, as I’ve known a few of these artists already. So cool! You can also check out my webcomic at

  • Cat

    How is not on here?!

  • Glitter

    Another young girl that I think is very talented is Kristina Webb from New Zeeland. Her instagram:

  • Alicia Goldstein

    Oh gosh I LOVE Wenqing Yan, AKA Yuumei (`yuumei) on deviantART. She is in her 20’s, an emigre from China, and a really cool person too. She draws and makes comics about social issues, corruption, pollution, censorship, and a lot of other stuff too.

  • Brooke

    Great stuff!! Sooo checking this out 😀