12 Things We Do During A Breakup That We Don’t Want To Admit

Going through a breakup is tough. It’s emotional and messy and can make you do embarrassing things that you would never normally do. Shortly after I broke up with my first boyfriend, I found out he was hanging out with another girl – so I showed up at his house and wouldn’t leave until he spoke to me. Needless to say, I am ashamed.

But it’s okay. We all do secret things during a breakup that we would never, ever want to admit to doing. It’s hard to act rational and calm when you’re heartbroken and it’s okay to keep some things private and to yourself. So don’t act like you’ve never done any of this stuff… because I know you’ve done at least one thing. Here are 12 things we do during a breakup that we don’t want to admit: 

Have you ever done this stuff? What is some other stuff you’ve done during a breakup that I forgot about? Tell me in the comments.



10 things we do in a relationship that we don’t want to admit

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  • Lin

    Hahaha, yes. Completely, completely guilty.

  • Ashley

    I haven’t ever done any of these things. Then again, I’m always the one that breaks it off…

  • Lissa

    The only things I actually didn’t do were begging him to take me back and driving by his house. Extremely guilty of the rest.