Flashback: 7 Of The Worst Cartoon Boyfriends Ever

Full disclosure: I realize that not all of these cartoon dudes were actual boyfriends on whatever cartoon movie or TV show they were from. If they weren’t a boyfriend, there were a potential boyfriend and so that means they would probably make a pretty terrible boyfriend. You can just tell with these things sometimes.

Anyway, cartoon movies and shows are not exempt from the male douchebag character who finds his way into every story ever. Cartoons can be jerks too, even if they’re not real people – and these guys are the cream of the crop. Here are 7 cartoon characters no cartoon lady should ever date… ever.

Which of these cartoon characters is your favorite? Which is your least favorite? Who did I forget about? Who do you think is the worst? Tell me in the comments.


10 of the worst boyfriends from old teen movies

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  • Stacy

    I’ve seen A Goofy Movie several times. EVERYONE but Roxanne laughs at Max when he falls. Chad has one flirty line “So, Roxanne, about that party?” He doesn’t pursue her when it becomes clear she’s only interested in Max. Heck, Lisa is more unfaithful than Chad. She swoons “who’s that guy?” when Max dances and then tries to ask Max out (even though she kissed Chad earlier that morning) and has to be shoved aside by Stacey who exclaims. “Forget it, girl. He’s Roxanne’s.” And then after all that happens in the movie, Roxanne doesn’t appear in the sequels and later specials have Max dating a new girl “Mona” as if Roxanne never meant anything to him. I’m surprised Max the liar isn’t on your bad date list. It seems as if anyone who was slightly antagonistic towards the main character is a bad boyfriend in your opinion. Even guys who try to be nice like Kevin are held to a higher standard than their girlfriend, wtf? Yes that couple had problem’s but Brittany was just as much at fault as Kevin was.
    As for Roger, yes he’s often a jerk to Doug, but Roger had problems. He was only 13 or 14 years old (a time when many boys are immature), his parents were divorced, and he lived in a run-down trailer park. Of course he envied Doug with his perfect parents and older sister. Did you ever have a crush on somebody who had younger siblings? If you did, you probly would have gotten annoyed with that sibling. Doug is always ready to believe the worst in Roger, yet Roger helped him out at least twice (returned the diary rather than read it aloud, didn’t tell anyone when Doug was a contestant on a kiddie show. Sure Doug found out blackmail material too, but if Roger was really that much of a jerk he would have told anyway AND threatened to beat up anyone who loved at Roger.) Not to mention Roger really did care about his pet cat, and he also tried to take an interest in Judy’s hobbies- most boys would not learn Shakespeare or try to rollerblade in order to impress a crush.
    The only jerks on your lists are Gaston, Jafar, and Scar because they all murdered or attempted to murder other characters, and were willing to rape girls. I don’t care for Archie’s obvious two-timing ways but those comics run on negative continuity so while the audience knows he’s been cheating for decades, as far as the books are concerned he’s only tried to double date on rare occasions.

  • Jett

    I have to admit – even though he was slimy and gross- I was secretly attracted to Gaston..

  • Tayler

    Can I just say that I’m extremely happy that of all of the bad cartoon boyfriends that could have been chosen, Chad from A Goofy Movie was one of them?
    I just like to see that people still remember that movie existed. It’s one of my absolute favorites, and has amazing music. It is one of the majorly underrated Disney movies, in my opinion.

    As for Chad, blech. He could never get Roxanne.
    I’m disappointed that she wasn’t a character in the sequel. -sigh-

  • Maria

    Actually, Jafar was only interested in being sultan. as Iago says “You will marry Jazmin then you can drag the little misses and papa in law off a cliff” so he had no intentions of going down ANYONE’S pants

    • sophia

      actully there is one line when he has jasmine tied up and he actually tells her

      “come here my little pussy cat”
      not even jokeing go look it up

  • Eric V.

    Plus, in the original script for The Lion King, Scar tried to put the moves on Nala and wanted her to be his queen.

    The ended up keeping that scene for the Broadway musical.

  • Austy

    Also “Drake” from The Pebble and the Penguin… played by Tim Curry btw!~

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  • Juliana B.

    that is so untrue!! i have had a crush on scar my entire 22 year-old life! he’s a sexy-ass badboy

  • Lissa

    I don’t really remember Chad hitting on Roxanne… when did that happened exactly?

    • Cadedra

      He tried to ask Roxanne to Stacy’s party right before Max sings the Powerline song during the assembly