10 Tips On How To Make New Friends In School

I sort of think of trying to make new friends as similar to flirting, but easier – you’re trying to win someone over and make them like you, but luckily you don’t have all that romantic pressure on you. Making new friends isn’t always super simple, but it should never be super difficult either. I’m a very shy girl and even I can manage to do it, so that should make all of you feel better!

Whether you’re the new kid at school, you’re just starting high school or college or you’re just looking to branch out and meet new people, these tips will help you make friends at school. It’s important to remember that most people are open to the idea of making new pals, so please don’t feel like you’re being annoying for being friendly. It’s also important to remember that friendships sometimes get off to a slow start – you can’t expect to be BFFAEAE after only a week. Oh, and one last thing you HAVE to do: be open to everyone. Don’t judge people by what they look like – be willing to chat with anyone and get to know people no matter what. Put a smile on that face and learn these 10 tips for making new friends. 

Are you trying to make new friends in school right now? What are your tips for doing so? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Ell

    Socializing is so hard for me, when it comes to group projects, I’m always the remainder! I always have to ask the teacher to put me in a group or something. Or I have to interrupt a group of friends to join them, which I hate because they clearly don’t want me there, which is understandable. I hate when they make that annoyed face or give the slow silence of “why is she her?” Like bitches, I ain’t trying to be your friend, I’m just trying to get this work done. You guys act like Im gonna be stuck with you for the whole year. The coolest most chillest people I seem to have no trouble with are the stoners. I can easily talk about anything, the weirdest convos ever.

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  • Sweettreat

    Thank you for this! I just started Uni, and it’s been kind of hard to make actual friendships, apart from the whole only-talking-to-people-in-class thing 😛