7 Very Inappropriate Places To Take A Selfie

It’s okay to admit it: you love to indulge in a good selfie every once in a while. Maybe it’s because you look really great that day or you just got your hair done and you want to show it off, or you’re trying to impress your crush… or you’re just bored. Whatever the reason, selfies can be fun, especially when you can post them on Instagram or Facebook or Snapchat them out to all the cute boys in your class.

But… there are some moments when it’s just not okay to take a selfie. I loves selfies as much as the next girl, but even I know that some places (or times) are just off limits. A few weeks ago, I was going to a funeral with my younger sister and while we were waiting on line, she took a picture of herself for Snapchat. On line for a funeral! I love my sister, but it was just a little too much for me to handle. And last week, I was introduced to the blog Selfies At Serious Places, which is all sorts of horrible. Come on, people! Before you smile pretty for the camera, please consider your surroundings. I feel the need to say that this includes Vines as well. Check out the 7 most inappropriate places or times to take a selfie. 

Have you ever taken a selfie at any of these places? Do you agree or disagree? What other inappropriate places can you think of where people shouldn’t take selfies? Tell me in the comments.


What Your Selfie Says About You

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  • good

  • Mechi

    the dude that was getting dumped on the vine was funny

    • YuiGyaruRamen

      yeah!! xD

  • Sweettreat

    Wow now I’m worried about the type of people we have in the world -___-
    I was at my Uni orientation the other day and while the business department volunteers were giving directions to an activity, this girl, in the middle of all of us, got up and snapped a selfie. She had the “peace” fingers going on and everything. Then she sat back down. I was like WHAT are you doing? !