From The Message Boards: My Friend Told My Crush I Don’t Like Him

Crushes are so frustrating, aren’t they? I mean, part of you wants them to find out because maybe they like you too. But the other part of you doesn’t want them to know because, well, what if they don’t like you back? What happens though if someone tells your crush that you don’t like them? That’s a whole other issue.

And that’s what y’all are talking about this week on the message boards! One girl’s “friend” told her crush that she didn’t like him so now he’s not going to ask her out.

Let’s see what you had to say:

barbie.420 said:

“You should be straight up with him and tell him that you know he heard that you didn’t like him and that it’s not true. Easy.”

1dloverxxoo said:

“TELL THE GUY. Say that your friend was lying and you like him. That’s all you need to say.”

Rebferry said:

“That’s not your true friend then. No one should be involved in your relationships besides you and that other person. Just be straight up and tell him how you feel and let him know that your friend is delusional and doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Just be honest with him!”

That’s a crappy thing this so-called friend did. I’d be really upset if one of my friends told my crush that I didn’t like him. Rude! But this situation can be salvaged. The key is being confident and honest.

If you like someone, tell them! How are they supposed to know if you don’t? They can’t read your mind. Regardless of what anyone else has said to your crush about how you feel, they’re never going to know the truth until you tell them. If you’re in this kind of situation, talk to your crush and explain that what they heard was wrong and that you do have feelings for them.

This goes for all crushes too, whether someone is trying to mess it up for you or not! If you want something to happen with your crush, you need to tell them how you feel. Or ask them our yourself!
Has one of your friends told your crush you don’t like them? What did you do? Have you told your crush you have feelings for them? Tell us in the comments!

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How do you know if you like or love someone?

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  • Ida

    Well I need help with a crush. Or i am not sure he is my crush. Eh, maybe i dont know… Well at that time I didn’t have a crush on him but I was talking with one guy who is a friend if both him and me and he asked me if I liked anyone. Back then I didn’t so I was all like “I like all of you guys (guys in my year) but not that way”.
    And the reason I’m upset with this is because I think my crush liked me back. I told all of my classmates to come to a competition I was participating in and he was the only one to show up. He had actually walked from his home to the place where the competition was held and stayed even though they were holding a party for his grandfather for turning 80… And he was really kind to me all of the time and talked to me a lot and I usually caught him looking at me, but then I think the other guy told him about me not liking anyone and I think he stopped liking me. But now I like him!
    Well that was a pretty long story and I just wanted to tell someone…

    • basschick

      oh sweetheart…. GO FOR IT. ask him out. say “hey, lets catch a movie on Saturday” or “lets goto our favorite restaurant!” … you will be surprised. I am sure he has not lost complete interest. I am sure that if you ask him out, he will be head over heals for you again because he realizes that you feel something too. 🙂 hope it helps.