Should I Keep Flirting Or Let It Go?

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hannahlov2 said:

“Okay so it’s my freshman year of high school and I just met this guy at an all school retreat, and he’s perfect. But neither of us are aloud to date yet.. So we flirt over text and he talks to me like I’m his girlfriend, but I’m obviously not. I guess what I’m asking is, is it okay to just flirt like this, or should I end it until we can both date\have a relationship?”

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What should you do if your boyfriend or girlfriend goes through your texts?

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  • sandrine

    since you are both not aloud to date i think you should continue flirting !!!!!!!! he likes you and you like him so juste let it be 🙂 good luck

  • Olivia

    Keep going! If you stop flirting now you may lose interest in eachother and when you’re finally allowed to date you just won’t be interested in eachother like that and you’ll lose a great guy. If both of you are willing to wait to make this work then keep going!

    • jane

      plus, if you continue flirting until you’re llowed to date and you still like each other, then you’ll already know each other pretty well, so your reationship should work well too.