GIF My Life: Meeting The Parents

Meeting the parents can be a pretty big step in a relationship. I mean, we don’t really go out of our way to introduce our parents to anyone else we hang out with, so having the parents meet your BF or GF has one purpose and one purpose only: Approval.

But what if you’re the one who is being approved? What if you’re the one who needs to charm your way into these parents’ hearts so that, when you leave, they’ll smile and say, “Oh, what a nice girl.

GIF Girl knows what it’s like to have an awkward encounter with a SO’s parents. Here’s her latest story, told in GIFs (naturally).


Usually I only have a healthy level if apprehension about meeting the parents of someone I’m dating. I mean, sure, it can be a little nerve wracking, but I’ve got a lot going for me.

I’m kind.



I’m smart.



And I’m a total babe.



In my mind, at least.



And besides, patents love me!



Well, so I thought until I met these parents.



They were so stern and stiff and they honestly reminded me of American Gothic, only scarier.



They didn’t seem too interested in what kind of person I was. They just wanted to know what my intentions were with their precious son.



If there’s anyone’s intentions you need to watch out for, it’s your horn dog of a son’s.



Just saying.



Then there’s just a bit of a staring match between us all and I’m pretty sure that I’m losing.



They interrogated me about my grades, who I hang out with, my parents…



I thought this was dinner, not an episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.



And the mom definitely isn’t as cool as Detective Benson.



After more agony, awkward silences and fake smiles, it’s finally over.


This just proves that you should never go into anything too arrogantly, especially when we’re dealing with that oh so special species known as parents.


The boyf’s parents might hate me, but I guess one good thing came out of it…I got a free meal.



Have you had an uncomfortable experience meeting your boyfriend or girlfriend’s parents? Do parents tend to love you or hate you? Tell us in the comments!

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