10 Weird Things We Did To Our Dolls As Kids

Every little girl has a doll growing up. Whether they were Barbies, Cabbage Patch Kids or other dolls of all different shapes, sizes and colors, we all had them.

But as kids we’re a curious, experimental bunch. We have all these ideas in our minds that we, ourselves, can’t really act out, so we use our big ol’ kid imaginations and use our Barbies as guinea pigs. I’m not just talking dress up, okay? Let’s be real with ourselves here: If you were to go and find your old dolls, how many of them are going to be naked? Answer: Just about all of them.

Here’s 10 weird things we did to our dolls as kids that you can definitely relate to.


Okay, what weird things did you do to your dolls? How many times did you lose their clothes? Be honest. Tell us in the comments!

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  • Mia

    I used to take my dolls clothes off take them in the bath with me and i use to cut all their hair off so it looked like i had shaved their head

  • Embilly

    I used to cut their heads off, paint their eyes and keep them in my desk with my snails I collected from the garden. Sounds psycho, but just not into dolls and didn’t want to be forced. I used to climb trees with my brothers tonka trucks. Tom boy farm girl not princess barbie! Hella more fun!!!

  • Maya inn

    i made my barbies kiss and i actaully can relate to the number eight.

  • Alanna

    My barbies were in perfect condition… No one but me was allowed to touch them or play with them. I never took them into the bath & the thought of cutting their hair off horrified me! I did however play ‘barbies in bondage’ because I was reenacting what I thought my dad did as a bounty hunter… So as a 3 year old I thought my dad went out & saved people while catching the criminal. Of course my overactive imagination… The only time a barbie broke was when my brother tore the head off of one because he wouldn’t let it go. I was devastated!! When it came to my barbies I was a bit controlling & overprotective…

  • L

    I feel ya, Caitlin. I hated dolls, too! Oh, how disappointed my mum was when I shoved my doll right back into the bag seconds after unboxing it.
    Huzzah for Teddy Bear girls.

  • Nia

    My mom refused to buy me a Ken doll.

  • Hitsugi

    I used to hold marriage ceremonies for my Barbies….

  • OreoSnackinEh

    Oh gosh. My sister and I used to always make the dolls kiss.. naked, lol!

  • Layla

    LOL. True i have to agree. Luv this site! lol

  • Klikki

    We always threw them up into the trees in the front yard….naked.

  • Jillian

    I don’t remember exactly, but I do know I took off my Barbie dolls’ clothes. I did my own little soap operas too and maybe made them kiss. But, to my mother’s disappointment, I quickly lost interest in dolls once my dad gave me my first computer…at age 6. So, I’m sorry to say the doll phase didn’t last long.