12 Crazy and Interesting Facts About Sperm

At the risk of sounding weird, I’ll just say it – sperm is pretty interesting. Think about it! These little guys swim around in semen and have the power to impregnate you. They also have all the power of determining the sex of your baby, which is pretty huge. So obviously, there are a ton of weird, crazy and interesting facts about sperm.

That being said, I still couldn’t help get a teensy bit grossed out when I was looking up these facts because, well, these type of bodily functions thing just tend to gross me out (I’m very squeamish). But I still learned a lot! Want to be informed on all things sperm related? Yeah, I thought so. Here are 12 of the most interesting facts about sperm. Maybe don’t bring them up at dinner, but definitely bring them up when you want to sound very sexually educated.

Check out this video with sperm facts, too!

Did you know these facts about sperm? Which one do you think is the most interesting? What do you want to know facts about? Tell me in the comments.


12 crazy, interesting facts about sex

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  • chibyke

    How many time’s shuld one have sex in a year?how can one get out of sex pain’s when having sex?what causes the pain when penies penetrate into the virgina?

  • violet7789

    wow, this is amazing. I always love learning new things in relation to sex. (I studied it a lot in college too, like the details of how people lose their virginity in different countries, or the details of orgasms) In one class we actually learned about how the egg guides the sperm to it and discussed how sperm has been masculinized and we assume they’re active, while egg’s are feminized and thought to just sit and wait for the sperm to come to them, rather than actually guiding the sperm to them. I’d love to learn fact on eggs as well.