10 Stupid Fashion Rules You Should Break

Some rules were made to be broken, but in the fashion and beauty world I think that most rules were made to be broken, incinerated and launched into deep space. I love when people go against antiquated style standards, whether I like the look or not. Style is about expressing yourself and I think that you stifle a little bit of what makes you you when you listen to rules that your grandmother or some fashion magazine told you before listening to your heart.

Okay, that got a little cheesy, but I’m a sucker for style. It gives me a lot of feelings, feelings that I definitely have to share with you all in this round up of 10 stupid fashion rules you should throw out the window immediately. So go on and wear a leopard print dress with some paisley tights and look fabulous.


What fashion rules do you ignore? Which do you think have some truth to them? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Allison

    Looks like I ‘break’ two rules in one.
    I have red hair, and I LOVE my pink horizontal stripe sweater.
    I’m big busted, and it looks fantastic on me. Screw rules!

  • Liz

    Socks with sandals, black with navy, and silver with gold are all combinations I hate. That being said, I’ll wear white whenever the hell I want to, and I don’t follow the rest of the rules, either.

  • mathilda

    i have pink hair and my friend says she won’t talk to me if i wear red clothes. so i wear red just to irritate her!

  • Kei

    I don’t think I’ve ever listened to rules…if I like it I’ll wear it goddamit

  • Maddy

    Jeans on jeans is called a Canadian Tuxedo? Huh. I’ve never seen anyone in Canada wearing jeans on jeans. I’ve actually only heard it referenced to as a Texas Tuxedo.

    • NorthStarSea

      Thank you! I hate Canadian Stereotypes. I’m not Canadian, but my mother is, and I’m third culture, so I feel partly Canadian.

  • Louise

    I love horizontal stripes! If I had my way i wouldn’t wear anything else; (plus my so-called BFF would be happy. she’s always complained that my clothes are plain and boring, whih i hate. it’s not as if i’m forcing her to wear them!)

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