8 Mistakes You’ll Make When You’re In A Friends With Benefits Relationship

When it comes to friends with benefits “relationships,” I am not a big fan. That’s not to say I haven’t done, because I have – and that’s exactly why I hate the whole idea. Everyone thinks they can handle a friends with benefits relationship, but in the end, very few people actually can. For the most part, all it does is lead to hurt, dejected feelings and will probably ruin any kind of friendship you had with that person in the first place.

But despite the fact that these warnings are plastered all over the Internet and in any magazine you read, the majority of people out there still choose to try having an FWB, thinking it will be no big deal. And that will absolutely lead to these mistakes – if not one, probably all of them. Here are 8 mistakes you’ll make when you’re trying the friends with benefits thing. Trust me.

Do you have a friend with benefits? Have you ever had one? Have you ever made these mistakes? What did I forget? Tell me in the comments.


What it’s REALLY like to be in a friends with benefits relationship, in GIFs

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  • Afro Dude

    I have never tried an FWB before, there might be here around Dubai or Doha anyone around who likes to give me a ride….. Please Let me know

  • Annie

    I’m in an FWB with my ex whom i dated for a year – well on and off for a year and a bit now. We dated twice and the first time he liked me more and i broke up with him then did FWB and the second time i liked him more and he cheated on me then broke up with me ?? Well basically now we are in an awkward limbo where we are doing FWB again but i’ve kept trying to convince myself i don’t like him, when inevitably i do and i always have. he kind of plays with my emotions because i feel like he knows i like him but likes it because he must feel superior. i keep saying i don’t like him because i don’t want this to end and just not talk because it feels as if we aren’t best friends anymore and our friendship is based on hooking up. i want to end it but i don’t want to lose him and i like having a guy there that i can hook up with here and now but i hate how it has to be him. i keep thinking about him and i get jealous so easily but i don’t want to tell him because I’m scared he won’t react in the way i want him to and it could really hurt me as he’s hurt me so much already and i have my final exams in 3 weeks. please can you reply to this it would mean the world! I feel i am making all the 8 mistakes !!!!!

  • Ruko

    Oh dear god. I’m making all of these mistakes. I hate everything.

  • Kelli5

    I’ve been friends and fwb for 4yrs and all of a sudden he makes up argument/fight and he ignored me for a month then texted me. I was very confused, I texted him back and he says he wanted to see me but then he says “this is clearing the end.” now I’m even more confused! I asked him “is that what you want?” He replies “it’s for the best because you don’t trust me! You listen to everyone else but not me and trust is everything.” Ok, now I’m super really confused! Then he says “don’t put this break up all on me!” I’m like WTF, what is he talking about? Then I said “I am putting this on you, do you want to continue this relationship or do you want to end it.” His reply was “I’m busy right now.” I haven’t heard anything from him for a week now. We’re still friends on Facebook and I see him talking to people so I he can’t be that busy to give me an explanation. Do you have any insight, opinion or advise to tell me what is going on?

    Thanks you

  • Dee

    I’m in a FWB relationship. He told me its just sex, and I was okay with that. Then. But the thing is, I really like him now and I know I gotta end it. He said he’s not ready to give ‘it’ up yet. This sucks

  • Faith

    I’ve told him several times that I no longer want to be friends with benefits-,but the more I push him away the harder he tries to get closer-yet he has a baby mama. I’ve even changed my contacts to avoid him. It was nice while it lasted and I’ve had enough.

  • ddf93

    Today I ended things. Feb hurts so bad. Starts off nice an innocent with the hopes of him changing his mind, mean while he dates an sleeps with who ever he wants an ur treating him like ur in a commitment. PLEASE WALK AWAY BEFORE IT’S TO LATE!!! If he says he’s not ready don’t be ready to give urself up for nothing. The heartache an misery is not worth it. Please lite to me im broken now as I type an i am so hurt. He seems to not care either I gave him 2 years of this bull an still he made me feel like mabey an still saying the same chit. “I’m not ready yet” an will never be if I keep giving him all of me for nothing. Ladies save ur heart walk away. Many blessings.

  • lil mama

    i dont know wat to do:( i am fallin inlove with my FWB..at first i told myself i know how to handle this and never ever catch feelings..but then suddenly..i am inlove,,and the sad part is..i know he just want sex..and i dont wanna feel this feeling..i wanna forget it and over it..because it hurts a lot:(

    • Jackie

      I think maybe you should talk to him and tell him
      How you feel. I had a friend with benefits for about 6 months before we made it official. 4 months into being friends with benefits he told me he didn’t want a relationship. Kept seeing him because sex was great and i really enjoy his company. At first it was mustily about sex but then we started to hang out seeing each other during the week. I met his friends , family we had sleepovers. We did everything a couple did without the commitment that was my mistake. Then he hits me with that “i don’t want a relationship” i was cool about it first, but after 6 months i found myself in love and i told him that i didn’t want to see him anymore. He thought i was joking. He kept texting call and i didn’t answer. He told me he wanted to talk to me and that he understood where i was coming from. I week went by and he asked me to hangout he went to the movies, had great sex, cuddle after that we made if official. I turnout to be a great guy. We are planning to move in together. Point being is that you should talk to him , and make sure you tell him what you want, because the wondering what he wants, or be only wants sex could be wrong.

    • Dee

      What happened, are you still with him?

    • Lisa Lisa J.

      well this is what i think men do. They want to be friend with benefit and then you (women friends) get used to that type of relationship. So then when he finds a woman to be with he can use you for a side chick or a FWB. Some women won’t do a FWB relationship. So she is the “main chick” . Well to keep his relationship w/ his “main chick” from getting boring he has to have a FWB/ side chick. Men actually want relationships. FWB are just for fun used to keep life from getting boring. Face it that a monogamous relationship can get boring . It all comes down to a woman’s preference. Does she like to be FWB ? Or would she rather be a “main chick”. So if the man gets used to having a “side chick / FWB” and a “main chick ” then when one of them leaves it ruins all his fun. These type of men/ women who play games and sleep around and it’s is all game players do is play games. There is some good friendship of FWB but what happens when your FWB finds a “main chick” to call his girl ? That is when you realized you settled for FWB and put your feelings into it all for nothing but a game playing good time.

  • Jane

    I am in a FWB relationship. It seems to work. Im emotionally cut off. We get along soooo well. Ive spent the whole weekend at his house. The only thing, he started to kiss me when he walks pass, hold my hand, we can kiss for hours, sometimes I wonder if he is not getting attached. But no, the moment I leave, he is his old self, and treats me like just any other friend. We love spending time together. We still dating other people, but have an agreement that we don’t sleep with other people.

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  • TerribleThings

    I just love the guy and he loves me and we don’t want a relationship yet because when we did have one he was always afraid of finding someone else and we resolved that if we aren’t together together then the love will just grow strong which would lead to a more likely chance of a permanent relationship….

  • Frann

    I ended up dating my FWB and it sgoing reallyw ell for both of us

  • GabbyMariz

    I was thinking be fwb with my crush because i don’t want a relationship with but he doesn’t but i’m not ready to have a relationship with him…