Would You Rather: Embarrassing High School Moments Edition

School is a pretty great hub for awful, embarrassing things happening, right? I’m pretty sure that I threw up in the middle of a large crowd after lunch period when I was in 4th grade.

Yeah, it was not a good look.

So because we’re total masochists here at Gurl.com, we want to know which embarrassing situations you’d rather experience. From farts to embarrassing classroom fumbles, we want to know which awfulness you would rather endure.

Take our Would You Rather: Embarrassing Back To School Moments survey and choose your fate!


What’s your most embarrassing moment from school? Do you still cringe at it or can you laugh about it now? Tell us in the comments!

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  • t.j.

    lol, farted in a full classroom once when i was in kindergarten & peed myself from laughing so hard in front of a crush when i was about maybe 10 or 11. oh gosh, in 7th grade, i was on a field trip & mother nature was visiting that week. i thought that i might’ve stopped the morning of the field trip & something kept telling me to go to the bathroom before we all left. maybe about half way to the museum, i knew why i should’ve gone. thankfully enough, though, i was wearing black corduroy pants & had an extra change of underwear in my purse. sorry if that’s a bit tmi for anyone ^^;

  • angie

    once i felt really sick and i was waiting outside for my mom to pick me up. there were a lot of people around, and i suddenly needed to throw up! i ended up tossing my cookies in a trash bin nearby. everybody saw and i was soooo embarassed:c

  • Anna

    When I got my first period, I was at the school office (I got anaemic) and I sat on a blue chair. One of the boys from my year was showing me card tricks to cheer me up, when I found out I had leaked ALL OVER the chair. Oh my gosh…

  • AJAY

    When i was in year 3 i vomited on my teacher and all over the classroom like everywhere. It was so embarasing



    • Penelope

      Epic fall! XD

  • Amy

    Farted in assembly :L

  • rainbowrider111

    I’ve had a lot of embarrassing moments at school. First, looked horrible and fat in a talent show. Then they showed in in the morning announcements! In art class, I was putting pain on my palate, and the lid fell off and all the paint came out. It went everywhere. Luckily, I was able to go the nurse and go home. I cried once I got away from the class. eFNKEO;BFJI;

  • msbunny_101

    In the fifth grade we were in p.e. and my crush was finally talking to me and trying to start a convo and I was laughing at something he said and i turned around to look at him real quick and spit came flying out my mouth and landed on his face….. I wanted to die!

  • Rebecca

    One time in 8th grade in the cafeteria I was trying to put ketchup on my fries, and I looked into the bottle to see if there was any left and i squeezed so much on my face and hair.. It was pretty embarrassing.. -.-

  • aim

    awesome one 🙂

  • wendy mass13

    I had a one word in a play and I blow it big time

  • Daylily

    That awkward moment in Middle school when your asked who your crush is and you half answer then realize its a secret and shutup really quick….that damage is done though with the first two or three sounds of the guys name.

  • Naseeha

    In the sixth grade I had a solo I had to sing in front of the whole school (over 750 people!) and I messed it up big time. But I made up for it by rocking my solos over the next two years:)

  • Hailey

    At my school, if you were to drop your tray in the cafeteria, everyone would applaud. Especially if when you dropped it you accidentally broke a plate.