10 Ways To Tell If You’re In A Clique

It’s totally cool to have a group of friends that you do everything with. I mean, that’s kind of how friendships work. You find a group of people you like and hang out with them frequently. There’s nothing wrong with that!

Cliques on the other hand are very exclusive and often don’t expand their friendship to others who aren’t in the clique. How do you know if your group of friends is actually a clique though? Scroll through to find out!

You don’t even know other people in school because you’re only friends with each other.

You wear matching articles of clothing on a regular basis.

There’s at least one girl who is the “leader” and who is kind of mean. You all secretly hate her a little bit.

You know if you tell one friend a secret, you’re telling all of them.

You always have designated plans.

You have a specific and exclusive lunch table or area where you all hang out.

Y’all have so many inside jokes that it’s alarming.

This is how you feel when you see someone talking to one of your girls.

And this is how you feel when someone outside your group calls you.

And if you hang out with someone else, you’re done.

Do you think you’re in a clique? Are there any cliques at your school? Tell us in the comments!

Don’t do these things if you’re fighting with your BFF

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  • Kaori

    How do you expand outside of the clique and get other friends? Like I’m tired of having lunch everyday with the same people

  • blush

    This is not the definition of a clique. A clique is only a close group of friends who enjoy hanging with each other. Where did you get you’re information?

  • EmmibooX3

    I’m not in a clique, I have no friends whatsoever, but It’s alright for me

  • AJAY3

    My group is so clique, we have the leader/queen bee, our designated spot and far too many inside jokes, no really it’s kinda creepy

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  • Sydney

    Well, I knew from the beginning that my group was a clique. The only reason we wear the same clothes is because we wear uniforms. Nobody in our clique is mean, though.

  • Dez013

    I KNOW I’m in a clique, and I’m ok with it