10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Controlling

The scary thing about a controlling relationship is that a lot of the time, we don’t even realize we’re in one. When you’re in love with someone, it’s sort of like putting on a pair of rose-colored glasses – you see the happy things, the things you want to see. It’s easy to ignore the ugly things – for example, that your boyfriend might be a little too controlling.

Sometimes we don’t realize this until we get an outside perspective. I was once in a controlling relationship and I know that I didn’t realize how controlling it was until after we broke up. Looking back, I see that there are so many signs that I noticed by chose to ignore. Dealing with a controlling boyfriend isn’t easy and, unfortunately, it can turn into an abusive relationship way too easily. Check out these signs that your boyfriend is too controlling – and if he is, get yourself out of there before it’s too late.

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Do you think your boyfriend might too controlling? Have you ever been in a controlling relationship? What’s your story? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Gabriella

    my boyfriend say he loves me and wants a kid, like this year but im still in school and im definitely not ready yet and he keeps threatening me saying he’ll leave me and he’ll tell everyone my past as in being abused as a kid. im so scared and i dont know what to do

  • Holly

    My boyfriend cheated on me twice in the past, i got back with him after a few months, I’ve been back with him 17 months, he used to check my phone and have all my passwords ask me constantly who I’ve been speaking to in school I wasn’t allowed to speak to any lads face to face or over social media, he has calmed down now, he doesn’t do any of that really but he still doesn’t let me talk to lads over social media and he always asks me who am I with, where am I all the time and constantly says you deserve better and says he is scared of me leaving him for someone better, he always says he thinks I will cheat on him for ‘revenge but I’ve told him multiple times I wouldn’t, what is that ? It is controlling, is it paranoid ? I’m not sure