What It’s Really Like When Your Crush Likes You Back, In GIFs

When you have a crush on someone, they make you feel nervous, excited, giddy and all of these emotions all at the same time. Sometimes you don’t know how to act around them. Sometimes you say things and immediately are like “OMG why did I say that?!” and get embarrassed. Crushes are just…the best and worst.

But when you find out that your crush likes you back it’s the greatest feeling in the world! It basically feels rainbows and butterflies and like everything is right. It can also be stressful because what are you supposed to do when your crush likes you back? UGH!

Let’s talk about your crush for a minute. Every time you see them you freeze up.

You have no idea how to act around them because you’re so nervous.

You don’t even speak words that make sense when you try to talk to them.

You’re just totally smitten, and they don’t even know you exist.

OR SO YOU THOUGHT! You find out from a pretty reliable source that your crush likes you, and you’re like:

You’re freaking out.

Ok so they like you. Let the flirting commence! Your crush sees you and does something cute.

But you react like this:

You start texting each other, and you’re getting the hang of it.

You finally make plans to hang out.

You’re playing it cool, but inside you’re losing your mind.

And when you actually are around them, you’re just like:

How do you act when you find out your crush likes you back? Do you have a crush now? Tell us in the comments!

What should you do if you and your friend have the same crush?

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  1. avatar Lea says:

    Hahahaha this made me laugh so hard!!! Especially the last one

  2. avatar oceansirena says:

    Totally happened to me and now he is like my BF!

  3. avatar Hazelstar says:

    It’s funny for me because my crush is my deputy principal because he is sooooooooooo funny and he has awesome spiky hair. I think he likes me back Ooooooo I hope he does XD

  4. avatar LittleRedWolf says:

    It’s kinda weird for me because the person I like is also my best friend, so I have a pretty easy time talking to her and such, but I do sometimes still get a bit nervous when I ask if she wants to do something and I’m waiting for a reply… she knows how I feel about her and is totally cool with it, and recently I’ve been given reason to suspect she likes me back, so… we shall see.

  5. avatar Harrypotterules says:

    When I’m at least 20 feet away from my crush I blush madly, say completely random things and giggle like I’m 4 years old

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