The 20 Funniest Tweets About Ben Affleck As Batman

Last night it was announced that Ben Affleck would be playing Batman in the next Man of Steel movie and then… the Internet exploded and the whole world freaked out. The way everyone is reacting, you would think… I don’t even know what you would think. Let’s just say that the outrage about this is on another level.

Poor Ben Affleck. I happen to love the guy (he was amazing in Argo and seems like SUCH  a nice person in real life), but even I have to admit that I just cannot see him as Batman. It sort of seems like it’s just a disaster waiting to happen.

So, since this is all anyone can talk about this morning, let’s look at the funniest tweets about Ben as Batman. People are, uh, pretty angry…

These people who think basically anyone would make a better Batman than Ben Affleck:

No. Please just… no.


I mean… okay, yeah.


That’s a little… let’s not go overboard, okay?


I’d watch that Batman!






Love a good Christmas Story reference.




2 Chainz… not always the best answer.


These people who are just sad and confused.

Morgan Freeman gets it.







Get it? Because he’s from Boston. GET IT?!




I mean, it’s true.


What do you think about Ben Affleck playing Batman in the new Man of Steel movie? Which tweet is your favorite? Tell me in the comments!

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