What It’s REALLY Like To Have A Baby Face And Look Younger Than You Are, In GIFs

I’m 25-years-old (shh, don’t tell), but if you ever met me and didn’t know that, you would probably assume I was about 17, maybe 18-years-0ld. Maybe you would even think I was younger than that – hey, it happens. A few months ago, a woman asked me what grade I was in high school. This is because I have a major baby face and I’m short at only about 5’0 feet. I look years younger than I am, which is something I’ve been dealing with my whole life.

I’m completely aware that this isn’t a serious problem – I know that a lot of people out there have it worse than I do – but still, it’s annoying. There have been many times in my life where I have seriously resented my baby face. Looking younger than everyone else your age isn’t always fun. Sometimes it sucks. So, for those of you who can relate, here’s what it’s REALLY like to live with a baby face.


So, you look like years younger than you are? I feel your pain, girl. 

hug gif

It sucks and here’s why. 


You have the round cheeks and big eyes of a baby and you’re probably pretty petite, so everyone automatically refers to you as “cute” and “adorable.” 

annoyed gif


And sometimes you’re just like, “MAYBE I WANT TO BE HOT AND SEXY, OKAY?!” 

frustrated gif


It started young. When you were in middle school, the older kids were always like, “Go back to kindergarten!” and it was sad.

sad gif


It doesn’t get much better. Whenever you meet people, they assume you’re at least five years younger than you are. You tell them your real age and they’re like, “REALLY, I never would have known!” and you’re just like: 

angry gif


Then you try to flirt with guys and they get creeped out because they think you’re too young. 

awkward gif


You go to the movies, where your friends effortlessly get into the R-rated ones when you guys aren’t old enough, but you get caught right away.


crying gif 


Oh, and forget about fake IDs. Everyone else is going nuts and you’re just like, Not gonna happen. 



You think it gets better when you turn 18-years-old and you can do stuff. But you go to buy matches or something little and you still get asked for your ID. 

giphy (1)


Sometimes, cashiers really don’t believe your REAL ID is real, which is like: 

seriously gif


When you meet new people and they’re like, “You look SO young,” you’re just like: 

giphy (2)


Whenever you complain about looking so young, older people are like, “When you’re my age, you’ll appreciate it” and you’re like: 

original (2)


And whenever someone tells you they wish they had your problem, you’re like:



No one ever takes you seriously because you don’t look like an adult. 

giphy (4)


Anytime you try to look more mature with a new haircut or something, it’s like:

original (1)


Everyone assumes you’re really innocent and sweet just because you look young, so it sort of makes you want to rebel. 



And when you get really mad at someone and you’re furiously yelling at them, they can’t help but laugh and say “you’re so cute when you’re mad” which is like: 

giphy (5)


The worst is when you’re with a group of people who are, like, 10 years younger than you but YOU look younger than all of them. Embarrassing. 



But I guess it’s not always that bad. Since people assume you’re innocent, you can usually get away with anything. 



You can totally get away with spending less money on children’s movie tickets, clothes, kids meals… it’s great. 

giphy (6)


Sometimes it’s nice to be called cute… especially by cute guys.

giphy (7)


You have the opportunity to totally surprise people with how mature and awesome you are after they assume you’re a child. 



And, really, years from now you’ll still look young while all of your friends look older. So, you’ll win! 




Do you have a baby face? Do you look younger than your age? Which of these can you relate to? Tell me in the comments!


The best things about being short

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  1. avatarStephanie says:

    This was so hilarious, I’m almost 22, but am constantly asked at my job if I’m old enough to work! The worst was when a woman asked me if I knew her son, who was in 8th grade! It’s always been like this, in high school me and my friend went to get food and we were stopped by a teacher at the near by elementary school.. she thought we had run off of the playground. It’ll pay off in the long run though :]

  2. avatarAnon says:

    I’m 27 but can easily pass for a 13 year old girl. Last year I went to a zoo and arrived at the same time a middle school field trip was going on. Buses were everywhere and it was a big mess of students and teachers. I was looking for the place to purchase a ticket to get in when the lady asked which group I was in and to go ahead! I seriously could have just walked in free, but I did pay anyway. After my high school graduation I was with my family at a dinner to celebrate. We all sat down and the waitress hands me a kids menu (12 and under menu). Talk about embarrassment!! It’s also impossible for me to flirt with guys my age. They automatically assume I’m too young and do not take a second glance at me.
    While I was in college, me and a friend (who also looks young for her age) got asked by a complete stranger how old we were and how were we going to this school!! Ugh, I so wanted to ask her how she was in college because she looked too OLD.
    Looking too young is just so embarrassing and it’s hard for anyone to take you seriously.

  3. avatarAnona says:

    I read this and nodded many times. I agree! (Though my conscience won’t let me rebel. Darn conscience!) But for me I have a baby face and a childish sounding voice. I’m also tiny. People comment a lot on how “really tiny” I am. I didn’t think I was THAT tiny. Then I wore xs Japanese clothes. Clothes run kinda small. (I couldn’t find shoes for my size 8 feets. D:) I don’t believe I’m that short either! I’m just 5″4. I’m 19 years, but many people think I’m a middle schooler. Everything is genetic for me minus my voice. I feel like sometimes when I speak no one is actually hearing the message. Like I’m some sort of background music.

  4. avatarClaire says:

    Can’t relate to this at all. I like my younger face, like being cute, like being thought of as innocent. I’m not secretly a rebel at all; I like that people trust me and have reason to. If you carry a mature attitude, educate yourself, and talk like the intelligent person you really are, people see more than just a baby face immediately. Better thought of as cute than an awful human being, anyways.

  5. avatarLaura says:

    I know this feeling so well. Chubby baby face, tiny narrow shoulders, skinny arms and a flat chest. Everywhere I go, complete strangers have the urge to remind me of how young I look. It’s a gigantic self-esteem buster, while they think it’s actually an amazing complement. Every now and then I go ranting to my boyfriend about how ugly it makes me feel, but he always tells me it’s actually what he loves about me. Boys like girls who look sweet and innocent, because it makes them really cute. It’s also really sexy because he gets to see a side of me that most people cannot see. He knows that as innocent as I look, I am a huge rule-breaker, risk-taker, strong person. It’s actually pretty funny to shock people when they find out who I really am and what I do. The first time I got wasted in high school, people could not stop talking about me! Ha ha! Also, I do feel like in today’s society that looking too young when you’re young is way better than looking too old when you’re old. Youth is a sign of a good and happy spirit. People who look too old for their age look dragged down by unhappiness, bitterness, and bad health. Truth is, every “look” has it’s frustrations.

  6. avatarEnrique says:

    I’m 21 years old, im on the last year of my major and i look like a 15 year old guy, it is nice because older women think im cute but most girls of my age do not take me serously wich is annoying…

  7. avatarDiana says:

    Ugh i have hated hated hated my babyface my whole life. all on this post was soo relatable!!
    But recently i’ve started appreciating my babyface because in the asian culture it’s actually desired!! and very common! Yay!!!

  8. avatarpamimoo says:

    i can relate to everything what you’ve said. i guess ill just have to embrace this face :)

  9. avatarSarin says:

    It must be pretty annoying, but hey! Look on the bright side! At least you’re not a thirteen year old who looks like she’s 17. Now, that is irritating. It’s uncomfortable when people think you’re older and expect you to act older and then you disappoint them by being well, thirteen… And people thinking you are older than your friend – who is older than you. And being tall does not help – unfortunately there are not remedies for tallness – it’s incurable. Still, I can see how looking younger could be annoying – but that would be a problem I’d love to have.

  10. avatarA mum says:

    I m a mum and 35+ yrs old..people still think i m a teenager..they dont take me seriously..sometimes i feel like a looser when people comment on me in front of evryone that u r like a kid and in get togethers its even more harder..i have no hope..i have no confidence to go somewhere and talk to strangers in partie etc..i always feel distressed..but cant share my feelings..once when i wanted to buy cigarettes..they were asking for my id..it was so embarrasing..plz somebody help me what shud i do..i m feeling so down cos of my baby face..HELP me plzzz.

  11. avatarKayla says:

    Omfg literally my life in a nutshell. Especially being a hispanic 18 yr old and looking younger than your 13 yr old sister akdkfekkcmdkdk. Glad to know im not alone. Its also hard hanging out and talking to older boys because i feel like im the child and they dont view me as mature. Its seriously a life long painn people point out on a daily basis. Ughh storyofourlives

  12. avatarKuinshi says:

    I get that so damn much!! I went to a gym with my mom and sister, and I got the ‘Are you old enough to be here?’ even in the locker rooms!! And my sister was the one who was too young!
    I didn’t even find out that I had a baby face till I turned 17, I thought that everyone thought that I was twelve because I was short!
    No guys will hit on me even in a bikini, cause apparently even 6 year-olds can wear a bikini.
    I’m counting the years till this pays off.

  13. avatarBrandon Bragg says:

    I arrived here from google by searching “I look so young”. It’s a mixed blessing… I am 34 but can pass for 21-25 easily (male)… I know everyone moans about it but really I have just started to realise the benefits! My last girlfriend was 22 (mature for her age though so no difficulties), I still get ID’ed in the UK where the legal drinking age is 18 .. all my friends are married or bored but I can just move to a new city as I work from home and everyone thinks I am the same age as them – party time! My point is that it is only when you are older you will appreciate it… all my friends look incredibly old. It will end someday for me… but for now enjoy being young from 18 to 45!

    P.s. the downside is really work where it’s more difficult to be taken seriously… but not impossible. Just start your own business like me.

  14. avatarWendy says:

    I still see looking young as more of a curse than a blessing. “You’ll appreciate it when you’re older,” people say. Nope. I don’t think so. I’m 16 (almost 17) and have the horrible combination of being short (5ft) and naturally stick-thin, with a small chest (which isn’t so bad), a young face and a high-pitched voice. I sound like a little girl, and I’m usually mistaken for being 10-12. At my high school, I’m assumed to be a freshman on a regular basis, and when I was a freshman, girls (who towered over me) would put on this annoying, cutesy voice and ask me, “Do you go here?!” As I walk off, I can hear them giggling to each other about how “cute” I am. Many don’t seem to take me seriously until they hear me speak and (getting past the high-pitched voice) realize that I am mature, intelligent, and most definitely NOT 12. I often feel patronized by how some who do not know me well treat me. I would like to be seen for the person I am inside, not for the little girl’s body I happen to be trapped in. /end of rant

  15. avatarJael says:

    It is ignoring . Im 23, People’s taking me for Beeing around
    12 years. Bu you’re right , there’s a lot of advantages to, looking younger:)

  16. avatarAnna says:

    I’m 18 and could easily pass for 14 or younger. I once went to my little brothers basketball game and the lady selling tickets said “You know kids 11 and under are free”. I was 17 when that happened. I went to buy matches and I was carded and the women didn’t believe I was 18 even with my ID. At my last family reunion I was forced to sit with the kids, I think even my family forgets that just because I look young doesn’t mean I am. Being short (5 feet tall) doesn’t help my cause at all either

    • avatarKuinshi says:

      I know!! I’m almost 18 and I still have to sit at the kids table!! Arghh . . . When I actually was twelve I was actually looking forward to growing older and sitting with the adults . . . still waiting!

  17. avatarMarion says:

    I’m 30 but people often assume I am a teenager because of my baby face. Two people this week actually thought I was 12. I absolutely hate it. I am a healthcare professional and I feel like my colleagues and patients don’t take me seriously because I look like a child. I can’t say as I blame them for that, but at the same time I feel disrespected all the time and find it difficult to be taken seriously. I also hate it when people say it should be taken as a compliment when those same people use a singsong voice when talking to me before they realize that I’m a woman with 2 university degrees! I hate it! But love all these gifs!!

    • avatarDeb says:

      Wow marion I feel you completely. Its degrading. I’m 25 and look 18-20 at best. I hate looking so young.

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