What It’s REALLY Like To Have A Baby Face And Look Younger Than You Are, In GIFs

I’m 25-years-old (shh, don’t tell), but if you ever met me and didn’t know that, you would probably assume I was about 17, maybe 18-years-0ld. Maybe you would even think I was younger than that – hey, it happens. A few months ago, a woman asked me what grade I was in high school. This is because I have a major baby face and I’m short at only about 5’0 feet. I look years younger than I am, which is something I’ve been dealing with my whole life.

I’m completely aware that this isn’t a serious problem – I know that a lot of people out there have it worse than I do – but still, it’s annoying. There have been many times in my life where I have seriously resented my baby face. Looking younger than everyone else your age isn’t always fun. Sometimes it sucks. So, for those of you who can relate, here’s what it’s REALLY like to live with a baby face.


So, you look like years younger than you are? I feel your pain, girl. 

hug gif

It sucks and here’s why. 


You have the round cheeks and big eyes of a baby and you’re probably pretty petite, so everyone automatically refers to you as “cute” and “adorable.” 

annoyed gif


And sometimes you’re just like, “MAYBE I WANT TO BE HOT AND SEXY, OKAY?!” 

frustrated gif


It started young. When you were in middle school, the older kids were always like, “Go back to kindergarten!” and it was sad.

sad gif


It doesn’t get much better. Whenever you meet people, they assume you’re at least five years younger than you are. You tell them your real age and they’re like, “REALLY, I never would have known!” and you’re just like: 

angry gif


Then you try to flirt with guys and they get creeped out because they think you’re too young. 

awkward gif


You go to the movies, where your friends effortlessly get into the R-rated ones when you guys aren’t old enough, but you get caught right away.


crying gif 


Oh, and forget about fake IDs. Everyone else is going nuts and you’re just like, Not gonna happen. 



You think it gets better when you turn 18-years-old and you can do stuff. But you go to buy matches or something little and you still get asked for your ID. 

giphy (1)


Sometimes, cashiers really don’t believe your REAL ID is real, which is like: 

seriously gif


When you meet new people and they’re like, “You look SO young,” you’re just like: 

giphy (2)


Whenever you complain about looking so young, older people are like, “When you’re my age, you’ll appreciate it” and you’re like: 

original (2)


And whenever someone tells you they wish they had your problem, you’re like:



No one ever takes you seriously because you don’t look like an adult. 

giphy (4)


Anytime you try to look more mature with a new haircut or something, it’s like:

original (1)


Everyone assumes you’re really innocent and sweet just because you look young, so it sort of makes you want to rebel. 



And when you get really mad at someone and you’re furiously yelling at them, they can’t help but laugh and say “you’re so cute when you’re mad” which is like: 

giphy (5)


The worst is when you’re with a group of people who are, like, 10 years younger than you but YOU look younger than all of them. Embarrassing. 



But I guess it’s not always that bad. Since people assume you’re innocent, you can usually get away with anything. 



You can totally get away with spending less money on children’s movie tickets, clothes, kids meals… it’s great. 

giphy (6)


Sometimes it’s nice to be called cute… especially by cute guys.

giphy (7)


You have the opportunity to totally surprise people with how mature and awesome you are after they assume you’re a child. 



And, really, years from now you’ll still look young while all of your friends look older. So, you’ll win! 




Do you have a baby face? Do you look younger than your age? Which of these can you relate to? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Blast King

    That just the average of human. and it could get worse.
    they are retarded and you don’t need to pay attention to them.

  • Ver

    Gees, try being in your thirties looking 18. I like looking young since it benefits me for my work, with attractiveness, and most of the time I can be me since I am young at heart. The annoying thing is when much older people (small number) has been disrespectful. Or when I make the attempt to submit for characters that call for my age (but again, I look nothing like my age) then I am uncertain if I am suited for that part.

  • Lillian

    I so agree!! After grade 8 my face just stopped…changing. I live in Australia and when I lived in Brisbane, it wasn’t so bad because everyone was pretty short and looked younger (haven’t matured yet) but when I moved to Melbourne in Year 10, everyone looked so OLD, and people would always be like, “isn’t she in grade 7?” whenever I walk into a class, especially in my math class because I was in a year 11 math class and everyone thought I was dumb. Plus don’t expect to get a boyfriend throughout high school, you just look too young and the guys seem to prefer girls who looked older than they actually were.

    Good thing is, I can go to the movies and get the child ticket! …. Yea, not worth it.

    Anyone want to move to Asia with me? At least there we can be idols for looking 16 at 25 yrs old.

  • Alona Cortes

    I have 3 kids who are pretty young and close in age. They were all planned, while I was married to their father (who was enlisted in the Marine Corps when we got married). I went to college, have two jobs, bought my vehicle in cash, I have a good credit score and my only debt is my mortgage.

    But since I look like I’m 17 and I got divorced this summer (because Marines can still be adulterous abusers – go figure), so I’m not wearing my wedding rings of course, I get comments from strangers like, “I sure hope you have a good job to support all those kids.” (Someone ACTUALLY said that exact thing in a store!) As if I’m a reckless teenage popping out kids from one night stands. Makes me want to tell them to shove it… somewhere. BUT I have to set a stupid good example for my kids so I try to be nice.

    It’s incredibly annoying to not be taken seriously by people who I have more experience than…

  • datflyingturtle

    I suddenly want to share my stories, aha.

    The first time I was really shocked by someone’s impression of me was when I was in grade 11, and I was walking through the halls of my elementary school with a friend. It was Parent/Teacher interview day, so there were scarcely any kids, except for this one kid that sat outside a classroom as we rounded a corner. He just suddenly blurted out, “Did you do your homework?” It took me awhile to realize he was talking to me. So when I asked him to clarify, “Me?” He said, “Yea, aren’t you in my class?”

    To this day, I have no idea how he could have come to that conclusion seeing I was a lot taller than him, despite being really short. Needless to say, he was really shocked to find out my actual age.

    Then there was another time when I was visiting my old parents’ house during the summer of the end of my third year at university. They were moving, so the brokers and real estators were rummaging around the house looking inside the rooms, and one of them happened to ask, “So what grade are you going to? Grade 8?”

    That was the next one that shocked me. I’m still in the mid 20’s so people treat me like… a kid, but I’m really hoping strangers won’t continue to treat me this way when I’m older. Your stories make me really terrified about what’s to come. I’ve never had it that bad before, so I’m crossing my fingers. I’m sorry to everyone else that had to experience the terrible things. ):

  • Steve Burstein

    I was in a BIG hurry to grow up when I was in my early teens, but when I was 13 I looked Eight! Every time I was called “Little Boy” by another Woman I’d throw a fit. “I’m 13! Why am I still hearing ‘Little Boy'”, I asked myself. I couldn’t go for a walk anywhere without people asking me if I was lost! I thought I’d at least be a “Big Kid” when I turned 14, but after I did everybody told me they thought I was 10! Somehow, being 15 and looking 12 wasn’t as bad as being 14 and looking 10, even if I was still depressed about it!

  • Kyana Graham

    Omg me too I have a baby face with freckles this just explained me right here