What It’s REALLY Like To Have A Baby Face And Look Younger Than You Are, In GIFs

I’m 25-years-old (shh, don’t tell), but if you ever met me and didn’t know that, you would probably assume I was about 17, maybe 18-years-0ld. Maybe you would even think I was younger than that – hey, it happens. A few months ago, a woman asked me what grade I was in high school. This is because I have a major baby face and I’m short at only about 5’0 feet. I look years younger than I am, which is something I’ve been dealing with my whole life.

I’m completely aware that this isn’t a serious problem – I know that a lot of people out there have it worse than I do – but still, it’s annoying. There have been many times in my life where I have seriously resented my baby face. Looking younger than everyone else your age isn’t always fun. Sometimes it sucks. So, for those of you who can relate, here’s what it’s REALLY like to live with a baby face.


So, you look like years younger than you are? I feel your pain, girl. 

hug gif

It sucks and here’s why. 


You have the round cheeks and big eyes of a baby and you’re probably pretty petite, so everyone automatically refers to you as “cute” and “adorable.” 

annoyed gif


And sometimes you’re just like, “MAYBE I WANT TO BE HOT AND SEXY, OKAY?!” 

frustrated gif


It started young. When you were in middle school, the older kids were always like, “Go back to kindergarten!” and it was sad.

sad gif


It doesn’t get much better. Whenever you meet people, they assume you’re at least five years younger than you are. You tell them your real age and they’re like, “REALLY, I never would have known!” and you’re just like: 

angry gif


Then you try to flirt with guys and they get creeped out because they think you’re too young. 

awkward gif


You go to the movies, where your friends effortlessly get into the R-rated ones when you guys aren’t old enough, but you get caught right away.


crying gif 


Oh, and forget about fake IDs. Everyone else is going nuts and you’re just like, Not gonna happen. 



You think it gets better when you turn 18-years-old and you can do stuff. But you go to buy matches or something little and you still get asked for your ID. 

giphy (1)


Sometimes, cashiers really don’t believe your REAL ID is real, which is like: 

seriously gif


When you meet new people and they’re like, “You look SO young,” you’re just like: 

giphy (2)


Whenever you complain about looking so young, older people are like, “When you’re my age, you’ll appreciate it” and you’re like: 

original (2)


And whenever someone tells you they wish they had your problem, you’re like:



No one ever takes you seriously because you don’t look like an adult. 

giphy (4)


Anytime you try to look more mature with a new haircut or something, it’s like:

original (1)


Everyone assumes you’re really innocent and sweet just because you look young, so it sort of makes you want to rebel. 



And when you get really mad at someone and you’re furiously yelling at them, they can’t help but laugh and say “you’re so cute when you’re mad” which is like: 

giphy (5)


The worst is when you’re with a group of people who are, like, 10 years younger than you but YOU look younger than all of them. Embarrassing. 



But I guess it’s not always that bad. Since people assume you’re innocent, you can usually get away with anything. 



You can totally get away with spending less money on children’s movie tickets, clothes, kids meals… it’s great. 

giphy (6)


Sometimes it’s nice to be called cute… especially by cute guys.

giphy (7)


You have the opportunity to totally surprise people with how mature and awesome you are after they assume you’re a child. 



And, really, years from now you’ll still look young while all of your friends look older. So, you’ll win! 




Do you have a baby face? Do you look younger than your age? Which of these can you relate to? Tell me in the comments!


The best things about being short

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  1. avatarChar says:

    I have always looked younger chubby cheeks, baby fine hair. People still pinch my cheeks and rub my head. I have always been cute but I am glad I look younger now.

  2. avatarKelly says:

    I’m 26 but most people think I’m 20 and some have thought 16-17. I have had this too nearly all my life. I’m actually average height and weight but I guess it’s my young face. When I was up to age 19, I was given the kids menus as restaurants. They would immediately hand it to me and I’d say “sorry, I’m not under 12, I’m 19″ and some would just smile or laugh like I was joking.

    I think I’m happy for this though as I have been very ill for most of my 20s and am still in recovery. I hope that soon I’ll be able to live again and that the pros to looking young will be good for doing crazy young things in my late 20s and just being able to live again.

    The only con can come with job interviews/ getting a job. Despite knowing your age, you’ll still be treated a whole lot younger because that’s just how they see you. They see you as a newly turned 20 year old so they feel you’re not as experienced or professional enough for their 30+ environment.

  3. avatarRebecca says:

    Not just short people with this problem I’m 5 foot 9″ and I still get this as I have a moon face and round eyes. I’m 27 and I look about 19/20 I’m getting married and I constantly get “your a bit young to be getting married aren’t you?” Or people asking me what I study at uni or getting asked for a job in a petrol station by someone younger than me if I was even old enough to work there or ID-ing people buying alcohol and them asking if I was even old enough to serve them so I just replied “I’m 25 years old so I guess it’s hard to judge someone’s age by just looking ain’t it?” Worst was last year I had to pick my my little sisters GCSE results for her as she was on holiday when waiting for the bus with her results with genuine 16 year olds the bus driver turned round to me and said “you can’t get on unless you got an A” I said “I’m a bit old for GCSE’s” to which he said I couldn’t be that much older…. Hmm try a decade since I took mine. I think the worst is because your never treated like a grown up most of the time you don’t feel like one either. I’m still waiting to feel like an adult… Hopefully when I get married my pictures won’t look like a teen bride…

  4. avatarEver says:

    Hi! I’m a 17 year old teen who looks like an 10 year old. 11!! 12 at best. i’m 5’3 and to make it worse my voice sounds like those main girl characters from studio Ghibil films -_-.heck, i even look like those little girls from the studio ghibil films. round-ish, heart shaped face, big eyes, little button nose, etc.
    I recently moved to a new state and spent the summer hanging around the swing set at the park most of the time. some kids came around and asked me if i, too, was going to attend the same middle school as them. and then proceeded to try to bully me into giving up my bike(they were 12 and thought they could intimidate me).
    in my old hometown i was treated as the ‘child’ because i was so ‘cute’. even my best friend who is a year younger than me treats me like she’s the older one.. *sigh
    I met this cool guy and i really want to get to know better but he says he’s kinda put off by me because he feels like a pedophile when he thinks about getting it on with me -_-
    last month my best friend showed me a picture that she took of us back in 7th grade and I was like ‘awwwwwwwww i look so…..actually no.i look exactly the same right now as i did in the 7th grade’ and she started laughing.
    I TOO WANT TO LOOK HOT AND SEXY but i dont think i’ll ever be take seriously T_T!!!!!! the only good thing that consoles me is that when im 40, i will probably look 20. so i’ve got that going for me, which is nice
    listen, i know i shouldn’t be complaining and that im not alone when it comes to Baby Face Syndrome
    but do you gals have any tips and stuff to make me look older? to at least look like a 13 yr old? T_T

  5. avatarnikitha says:

    I am 31, but I look may between 15-19,only!even I feel very disappointed…happy to know there are lots like this….when I sent a picture of me with my 3 year old daughter.my friend asked me”who is the baby”:(

  6. avatarNotaChildandNotImpressed says:

    People knocking on the door and asking ‘heloo there, is mum or dad home?’ Answer – I d’know, have about you try knocking on their ****ing door…?

    Being chatted up (almost exclusively) by boys instead of men. Most recently, a guy in a bar who was underage tried to chat me up by flashing a fake ID and offering to buy my drinks so I could get drunk with him. Very generous, but I’m not a peadophile.

    Chuggers who stop me in the street, asking if I’m ‘over 16′ – one even once asked ‘are you over 12?’. Hint – if you want my money / time, don’t start the conversation with an insult.

    People who tell me I’ll be grateful in twenty years. So tempting to smile in the same condescending way and reply, well, if you’re the age YOU look, you probably won’t still be around then to find out. *sigh Its acruel life, huh.

    Anyone who knows my age, but still treats me as though I am younger because I look it. Just don’t. Not unless you want me to treat you like the **** you insist on looking.

    Y’know when you’re a teen and everyone discounts any imput, feelings, thoughts or ideas you may have because ‘you’re just a kid’? Well, try still being in that position when you’re nearly 30. A neighbour recently assumed the loud music he could hear was coming from my place because I ‘look like a teenager’. So, he stormed round, screamed in my face and then when I calmly said ‘do not point your finger at me. It is aggressive, unnecessary behaviour;’ he simply shouted louder, telling me ‘how dare you tell me what to ****ing do, you jumped up little ****. You ****ing kids get away with murder these days! where’s your ****ing parents, eh?’ and then he supposed they’d thrown me out so the council must’ve had to house me and that I was bleeding the state dry and probably spent the money I got on the dole on weed…along with playing loud music. . Lastly, he screamed across the street, ‘you may be too old for a hiding, missy, but you’re not too old for a ***ing asbo!’

    A few days later I got speaking with his wife in the local shop and when she asked if I was a student (obv’ trying to find out if my place was a student house) I replied ‘Not since 2010 when I graduated with my master’s degree.I’ve always meant to do my phd since, but d’know how to fit in with managing a business, y’know?’

    When people assume my friends are my parents. EG, was in a shop with my mate. She was served before me and got chatting to the checkout assistant about her adolescent children choosing their gcse subjects. Instantly, the assistant threw me a smile and asked ‘what do you want to do when you grow up?’ I could’ve asked her the same question.Instead, I told her this was my friend, not my mother.That’s why I’m buying my own condoms and whiskey.

    People in the street stopping me to tell me I’ll regret ‘all those tattoos’ when I ‘grow up’ Aside from the fact it is 2014 and my body is mine to tattoo as i please…I haven’t even had a bloody tattoo done in almost ten years…and I wasn’t even at school then…and I don’t regret any of them. What I regret is the time, effort and portion of my life you just stole from to expose your ignorance and narrow mindedness. I’m not a priest or a shrink and if I was a child I would definitely not be the person upon which you should be thrusting your problems.

    The list goes on.

    The list is endless.

    I look young and i am very slim. So i face some sort of situation in which my appearance is pointed out to me usually everyday.

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