8 Things You Should Never Do When You’re Fighting With Your Best Friend

It’s not fun to fight with anyone, but it’s especially not fun to fight with your best friend. Your bestie is the person who’s supposed to be there for you no matter what. She’s the one you turn to when you need someone to cheer you up or calm you down or make you laugh or just when you’re bored and you need someone to hang out with. In fact, she’s the one you go to for advice when you’re fighting with your other friends.

This is why it can be so confusing to fight with a best friend – you don’t really know how to deal. When you’re both feeling upset, angry and hurt, you might both resort to doing things that you’ll regret when you guys make up and become besties again. I’ve gotten in a lot of fights with various best friends and they’ve all sucked. And sometimes, I’ll admit it, my actions were the things that made these fights even worse. I learned that when fighting with a BFF, there are some things you just can’t do… or it could end your friendship forever.

Are you fighting with a best friend right now? What is it about? Have you ever done any of these things when fighting with a best friend? What did I forget? Tell me in the comments.


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  1. avatarIvana says:

    my best friend want talk to me anymore because she thinks I’m controlling her and talking about her behind her back she thinks I’m jelouse and rude. I’m trying to explain to her that if i did anything wrong i didn’t mean it and I’m sorry. but she didn’t except my apology and said i didn’t care about her, she called be horrible and thats really hard to here from a friend that you share such a close rela tionship. i am really depressed because i have lost one of he most important people in my life :(

  2. avatarjess says:

    We`ve had a big fallen out over a secret ive txted her an everythin but shes just given me the silent treatment

  3. avatarKaitlyn says:

    I got really high with her brother and friend and was going to sleepover afterwards and when his friend left we went inside at like 2am nd decided to watch tv but then he started whispering to me nd I was just making convo nd I was fucked up not comprehending him I just wanted to sleep but then he just starts kissing me… Nd I just went with it. He said sorry then kept going. Then he just whipped his disk out and was like have you ever seen one before baby. I was just like woah wats going on but I high to care. Then he put my hand on his dick nd said I no you’ve never down this type of thing before so I’ll show you nd had me give him a hand job. Then he got more into it and it turned into this while thing with touchy an feely stuff. But all we did was makeout nd handjob. But intensely for an hour. I woke up thinking it was just a dream cause it was all hazed in my mind. I told my best friend 4days later but when she guessed it was her brother I said no but 4 hours later when her bf was threatening to leave if I didn’t say who it was I tol her it’s her brother nd it’s been weeks nd she still has only talked to fight nd hasn’t responded to any of my messages. I don’t want to lose her. I old her I’ll do anything I didn’t mean for it to happen.

  4. avatarEve says:

    Today me and my group of my friends had a huge fight. We are doing a group project and they keep sending me out to buy loads of stuff. When I said that I wasn’t made of money they started on at me about how little money they had, yet I was the one out spending money. Now I have left the group chat and I think they’re probably talking about me behind my back. I was at fault too but I can’t say sorry now because they won’t speak to me. What should I do?

  5. avatarSarena says:

    So I am just walking and I touch my friends arm, B, and B yanked it back and gossiped about me with my BFF. Then I see that there talking about me while we are in an assemble so the whole time, 1 hour they talk behind my back. Then I found out B was doing this because I treat her like this but she went totally overboard. Now we are besties exept me and my BFF she said “I tried to talk to you but you were mad at me for no reason ” I was mad because I was so angry and confused so I then I told her I am not mad at anyone anymore. She said ” well I am mad at you because B told me things about you that I just did not like” I asked what those things were and her response was ” that’s between me and b” she said I said it mostly involves me bc it is about me only the bad things I did and now she has been madat me for over a day and don’t know why.

    I don’t know what I did

  6. avatarMimi says:

    Hi, so basically i have a boyfriend and i really don’t like him and I’ve said certain mean things about him to my close friends. and so my boyfriend (knowing my best friend) asked whether i had said any of those things and she replied and told him that i have said those things. so i ignored her for 3 weeks and i took that time to just think over and over again. she says that she did it for him not for me and that everyone deserves the truth. but i just can’t understand! help!

    • avatarSarena says:

      What you have to tell her is if you want to tell him everything you should have told me because it is my privacy with him and my privacy involves you not telling people what I said about them

      How will u feel if I told people secrets you told me would you like it you will feel used

      I know what u r going through trust me

  7. avatarMichelle says:

    She acts like she doesn’t really care and blows me off a lot. And recently is very unsupportive towards me. We recently had several disagreements and Its really put a damper on our friendship. We already werent hanging out too much but now its all stopped. Our friendship may end soon, Which would be very sad. We were very close and we used to be like peas and carrots. We got along so well and I couldn’t imagine this happening. I don’t know what happened.

    • avatarSarena says:

      Friend don’t have to like the same thing and have the same interests ur always getting older and there will be changes in ur friend ship while you go

      There are new friends you can make and she may be making new friends too

      Try something new

  8. avatarRia says:

    My friend Victoria is going “Emo” I think she just wants attention but it’s jeopardizing our friendship!

  9. avatarAlivia says:

    She acts like she doesn’t care and I’m tired of it

    • avatarSandy says:

      Confront her and tell her that . If she ignores u or gets even more mad at u, then just ignore her. I know it’s hard to ignore people, but turn the other cheek and walk away. What I learned from all my fights is that whoever ignores the person the longest wins. Pretend she’s not there and go on with ur life

  10. avatarasley says:

    so i lied to my friend,abut something,and i alrdy told her the truth and now she still don’t want to talk to me,and my relationship with her is getting more distance,i need help

  11. avatarAria says:

    Ok, well, me and my best friend were supposed to go to the mall yesterday, but I had to cancel out on the last minute. I keep telling her in sorry, but she doesn’t listen, as always. Now, I’m usually an open book, so I told her the truth why I couldn’t go, which was because if her boyfriend. But for some reason, I really don’t feel like caring about where this fight is going any more. And I know it sounds selfish, but it’s true. And we always get into a stupid fight and in alway the one to apologize. It getting very annoying. And I know that for a fact, all my other close friends like her better than me. should I just stop hanging around that group or do something else? Please help.

  12. avatarSylvia says:

    I live 6,000 miles away from all my closest friends. The closest of my friends are K, A, and J, who happens to be A’s brother. While Skyping with K tonight I was texting J (this would normally be rude but K was doing the same thing). I asked her to interpret one of his texts because I couldn’t figure out what it meant and then she interpreted it as something flirty and asked if I like him. I said “nah” and she flipped out, saying that “nah” was a weak answer and that she could see it in my face that I was lying and that I’m going to ruin my friendships both with her and with A, and that she would not tolerate me putting A through the same thing that another previous friend had put her through. I tried to reassure her that there was nothing going on between J and myself, and that even if there were I would not act any differently than I already do, and I would not make my feelings known to anyone. I assured her that I would never do anything that might upset or be harmful either to her or especially A, but she wouldn’t listen. She is assuming that I’m going to be just like the previous friend and nothing I say will calm her down. I think she’s especially paranoid because I’m coming to visit them this summer for a youth conference and she thinks something might happen (it won’t). Now she’s acting self righteous and giving me cryptic messages then saying things like, “you just don’t get it”, yet she will not explain anything to me. She expects me to understand her no matter what, yet she won’t even give me a chance. This is not like her at all, but she has been extremely erratic for the past month or so and I’m afraid I’m losing my best friend. I don’t know what to do to get through to her and I feel sick about the whole thing. What do I do?

  13. avatarThea Reilly says:

    My best friend was hanging out with my other friend and didnt invite me and i got mad and now i dont know what to

    • avatarrayane says:

      hi my name is rayane she do not invite u not a problem in the end u are best friends and your friendship need more chance ….am i right?

  14. avatarNicole says:

    I’m fighting with my best friend right now and legit she did all of these things. It’s a stupid fight too and It’s our first… I don’t think were best friends anymore.

  15. avatarAndrea Taylore says:

    so my best friend is dating this guy hes my enemy!! i tried to keep it calm but i flipped out so i told her it was a jok!! it made me mad she kept it behind my back not tellig me is going overbored!! so thats my story

  16. avatarJessica says:

    Mine is really petty my best friend is a guy he’s upset because I said he was spoiled… We made up and he said we should be fine. Now a week later. I kinda made the impression I want to hang out on NYE hinting around we should go here ect I didn’t get a response…. So I texted his saying its only obvious were not going even if means hanging out with me…next I get a text saying I’m passive aggressive and I should of asked him first before giving him a guilt trip…I’m normally the one always apologizing. Should I just end our friendship

  17. avatarstar says:

    me and my best friend was working on a dance, and I gave her part of the dance to work on. she said it was okay and i choragraphy the other part, the next day she said she had already done her part and mine. so I told her she wasn’t supposed to do that, she got offended and that I was just trying to do all the work. I told her fine we’ll just do your dance ,but by then she said she was out of the dance. I tried to be the bigger person and apologize, but she wouldn’t respond to my text. what should I do I don’t want this dance to ruin our friendship.

  18. avatarMolly says:

    I stopped talking to my best friends for a week because I needed a break from them and now they think I was being rude and ignoring them what should I do?

  19. avatarHailey says:

    When me and my best friend fight, she does all of these things. It’s so annoying. I mean, I love the girl to death, but she really needs to learn how to talk it out.

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