8 Things You Should Never Do When You’re Fighting With Your Best Friend

It’s not fun to fight with anyone, but it’s especially not fun to fight with your best friend. Your bestie is the person who’s supposed to be there for you no matter what. She’s the one you turn to when you need someone to cheer you up or calm you down or make you laugh or just when you’re bored and you need someone to hang out with. In fact, she’s the one you go to for advice when you’re fighting with your other friends.

This is why it can be so confusing to fight with a best friend – you don’t really know how to deal. When you’re both feeling upset, angry and hurt, you might both resort to doing things that you’ll regret when you guys make up and become besties again. I’ve gotten in a lot of girl fights with various best friends and they’ve all sucked. And sometimes, I’ll admit it, my actions were the things that made these fights even worse. I learned that when fighting with a BFF, there are some things you just can’t do… or it could end your friendship forever.

Are you fighting with a best friend right now? What is it about? Have you ever done any of these things when fighting with a best friend? What did I forget? Tell me in the comments.


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  • shreya sahu

    I love my best friend lucky to have him

  • shreya sahu

    I am very lucky to have best friend his name is shubham jaiswal ….
    With shubham I have shared My most intimate secrets & laugh the loudest , he probably knows me better than any1 else And smtimes better than my self . He has seen me at my worst , & helped me to my best
    He is never afraid to tell me the truth , even it’s something That I don’t want to hear , because he knows Its better to hurt her with truth than lie…
    I love my best friend
    He is my paglu ,lucky to have such a nice best friend….

  • malehlwa

    i just had a thing with ma friend and then we started fightin for a guy

  • Me

    My bestfriend think I have been ignoring and not talking to her for a week?
    She’s the one who hasn’t been talking to me for a week.
    She says she feels excluded but She has 3 other groups of friends who she talks to non stop?
    How is that feeling excluded?
    I’m sick of it.
    She’s blaming it all on me and acting like she’s the good guy.
    I’ve tried talking to her a little bit just about her assessments and other little things so I can start a convo but she just says yes or no.
    She thinks I’m not talking to her but I am trying. She’s not even trying to start a convo with me. She just assumes I have to be the one to start it.
    She’s a lovely person but she just doesn’t get that I have feelings too and this fight isn’t all on me it’s both of us. And if she doesn’t realise that than I don’t know if this fight is worth fixing. Pls help.

  • Ragdoll

    There are 4 of us in our friendship group and a few weeks ago we had a misunderstanding in netball, which lead to my best friend ignoring the other 3 of us. From here, and perhaps a few weeks before this as well, the 3 of us started picking up on things she did that really annoyed us. We each ended up texting her how we each felt but her responses made it seem as if we were bullies and that the whole world was up against her. After 1 and a half weeks of my other 2 friends completely ignoring her, and with me saying very little, she finally came to the 3 of us to apologise. However, the one friend wouldn’t accept the apology and said she did not want to be friends with her. That was phase one.
    Phase two: at a meeting a few days later, we had to chose mixed gender groups of 7. The 3 of us who were against her before made our group which did also contain 3 boys and she did not come over so we got another girl to make our 7 yet later she got mad at each of us and said we had ditched her, even though she made no move towards us. The friendship was broken again.
    Now, I feel like I should try and make up with her but when I make a mistake with something I say she takes it so seriously and tells me I’m just as bad as the other 2 in the group. I do want us to understand each other and make up but I’m scared my other 2 main friends will not like me if I make up with her. What can I do?

  • Rachel

    oh and i for got to mention that we do EVERYTHING together and stuff :) its always
    “Rachel come with me. Rachel do this with me, Rachel and I are going here. Rachel and I are doing this, Rachel come with mer over here.”

    People say shes being controllive but it makes me feel loved… you know what i mean? like its been like that for over half my life and its amazing and awesome… but now she hasnt even like.. responded to me for ages and i really miss taliong to her and its our first ever fight!!!!
    there was a “Beth and Rachel are bitches” club at school
    (used to be just beth but since I hang around her they dragged me into it and hoenstly I dont care coz “As long as I am with you theres no place I rather be.. no no no no no place I rather be”) ( used to be “our jam” AGES ago and than frozen songs and then geronimo and now its fancy) (well if she still wants to be bbffls)

    (rest of mesage from one before )

    email me if ou have suggestions on how to help or fix this and continue doing everthgin togerher.:


    HELP ME!!!!!!!!

  • Rachel

    oh and i for got to mention that we do EVERYTHING together and stuff :) its always
    “Rachel come with me. Rachel do this with me, Rachel and I are going here. Rachel and I are doing this, Rachel come with mer over here.”

    People say shes being controllive but it makes me feel loved.