8 Things You Should Never Do When You’re Fighting With Your Best Friend

It’s not fun to fight with anyone, but it’s especially not fun to fight with your best friend. Your bestie is the person who’s supposed to be there for you no matter what. She’s the one you turn to when you need someone to cheer you up or calm you down or make you laugh or just when you’re bored and you need someone to hang out with. In fact, she’s the one you go to for advice when you’re fighting with your other friends.

This is why it can be so confusing to fight with a best friend – you don’t really know how to deal. When you’re both feeling upset, angry and hurt, you might both resort to doing things that you’ll regret when you guys make up and become besties again. I’ve gotten in a lot of girl fights with various best friends and they’ve all sucked. And sometimes, I’ll admit it, my actions were the things that made these fights even worse. I learned that when fighting with a BFF, there are some things you just can’t do… or it could end your friendship forever.

Are you fighting with a best friend right now? What is it about? Have you ever done any of these things when fighting with a best friend? What did I forget? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Caity

    My Best friend is very shy. And now, all she does is talk about her crush (we call him Tuna). I am suffering from depression, but I have leaned to cover up my pain. And today… she was saying that we’re different. That I’m confident and that I don’t care what people think of me. So I let out all the rage I held on to. I told her how I cry myself to sleep. How I hear what our other friends say about me when they think I’m not there. I told her how I do care what people think about me. She gave me a letter saying that she knows she’s oblivious to many things and that she’s sorry. She still doesn’t know that’s not why I’m upset with her. I’m angry because she thinks the whole world revolves around her. I’m just fed up with it. But she’s one of my only friends. We click so easily… I just don’t know what to do.

  • Sharyn Holmes

    Hi people !!!!!!!!

  • Kitty Cat57

    I just got in an argument with my friend because I finally decided to be honest and tell her it made me feel bad that she had a crush on my Crush but I got mad because she said she was lying just to teach me how to get through in life.
    Which isn’t fair so we were arguing and now she is trying to apologize by text and asked me to forget it happened even though I can’t because it really made me feel bad and he was telling me so many things and so I feel like I don’t want to forgive her but I am very vulnerable and forgive so easily so what should I do

  • Sophia Martin

    My two bestfriends, one I met this year and one I’ve known forever, one of them just starts drama and we all say stuff behind our backs and they get in fights a lot and I’m always stuck in the middle with both of them getting mad at me