7 Of Our Favorite Movie Tough Girls

We’re obviously into girl power here at Gurl, which is why we go bananas when movies feature girls who are independent and fierce. The problem is that there aren’t enough tough girls in movies, but that’s changing with more of our favorite YA series being adapted into movies.

I mean, we’re all the heroines in our own lives but sometimes it’d be awesome to be as fearless as our favorite movie tough girls:

Who are your favorite movie tough girls? Tell us in the comments!

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  • LittleRedWolf

    Man, you guys left out Lisbeth Salander from ‘The Millennium Trilogy’ (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo). She is seriously one of the most amazing, tough, independent women I’ve ever seen in a book/movie. She goes through so much, from the time she’s a small child, got dealt a terrible hand in life, and she STILL pulls through and stays strong and goes after what she wants. And she gets her revenge. She gets justice.

    • erin

      I agree! I was thinking Lisbeth right from seeing the title of this article.