10 Sex & Hookup Tips From Bella Swan, In GIFs

Bella Swan is not really someone I’d think to go to for sex advice at first. However, homegirl managed to woo a super hot vampire AND a super hot werewolf so she’s doing something right. Now, I don’t really believe Bella is a solid role model in terms of relationships, but that’s a whole other thing that I’m not going into right now.

Throughout the Twilight Saga, Bella managed to give us a lot of sex and hookup tips. I’m serious! She really broke out of her shell and found ways to teach us some pretty useful things.

Click through for 10 sex and hookup tips from Bella Swan!

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  • Shanerra

    If you’re sleeping with a guy good hygiene is a must.
    I think hair on a girl can be tacky. Especially underarms and pubic hair.
    Since guys talk so much I would hate to be known as someone with an excessive amount of body hair. Loll

  • Rachael

    Wow…..9 and 10! Don’t try and be sexy and don’t shave your leg, arm or pubic hair! I worry for any guy that’s planning on being intimate with you…

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