15 Signs Your Crush Likes You Back

The biggest thing that makes having a crush so complicated is all of the confusing emotions that you’re constantly feeling. How are you supposed to know if he likes you back or not?! Sometimes, even if he says he likes you, it can still be hard to tell if he really does or if he’s just trying to play you.

Here at Gurl, we’re constantly getting questions from you guys asking how to know if your crush likes you back. Well, I don’t know your crushes personally, but I do know that there are some telltale signs any guy will put off if he’s into you. If your crush does a lot of this stuff, then guess what? He’s probably just as into you as you are to him!


He always texts you back. And if he doesn’t for a little while, then he says sorry and explains why he was MIA.

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You randomly catch him staring at you happily and when you do, he gets embarrassed. 

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He seems really excited to take you out somewhere, whether you’re just going to the movies or going out for a nice dinner. 



He doesn’t talk about other girls in front of you, even if a gorgeous girl walks by or the hottest actress ever gets naked while you’re watching a movie. 

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He doesn’t try to hook up with you right away. He wants it to be special! 

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He asks you questions about your life. If he’s genuinely interested in getting to know you, he’ll want to talk about you more than just himself. 

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He actually calls you. In this age of texting and online messaging, if a dude actually picks up a phone to call you… take that as a good sign. 



He remembers those thing you tell him, or things he’s noticed about you. 

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He gets into a little PDA with you in public, like holding your hand, kissing your cheek or just being cute with you. 

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He’s always smiling and laughing every time he’s around you. This shows he’s happy!

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He cleans his room before you come over. A lot of guys (not all guys) are messy and don’t really care about it. But if he goes out of his way to clean for you, he wants to make a good impression. 

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He does other things to impress you, like casually mention he does something really cool. Or maybe he shows off a little. It’s cute! 

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If he has to cancel plans, he apologizes, explains why and makes new plans with you. 

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He goes out of his way to make sure you’re happy. He does what you want to do and will cancel plans with other people sometimes to see you. 

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You just kind of know. Sometimes, you can’t help but notice the sparks. 



More crush advice from Cheyenne. (It’s helpful…and HILARIOUS!)

Do you think your crush likes you? What other signs do you think there are that someone likes you? Tell me in the comments.


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  • lupe bayardo

    I need some advice so I have a crush she looked at me today what does that me I mess with her and make her smile but she has a bf I want her to be mine alot I love her what should I do??

    • Foxx

      Hey! I’m a girl and I have some advice for you
      Do you guys talk and hang out during recess and lunch? if not, try to get closer but not in a creepy way
      I have a crush on a guy and i catch him looking at me in class, but he basically ignores me during recess and in the hall ways
      I would just show her that you like her, but dont get in the way of her and her boyfriend because that wont help you. she may not be staring at you because she likes you, she might just be spacing out, but look for body language!
      is she being kinda flirty? laughing? using hand motions a lot? being overly-loud or exaggerated?
      hop this helped! (:

  • Foxx

    I have a crush on this boy. He was my best friends ex-boyfriend but me and my ‘bff’ arent as close as she thinks we are
    i cant talk to her about this and its soooo hard!!
    i catch him looking at me and sometimes he catches me looking at him and his eyes sparkle
    sometimes if he says something, he looks at me and his eyes flicker from me to the teacher or someone
    hes in all my classes and if im in a group with people, we’re always laughing together and he smiles at me
    but otherwise, he never talks to me straight on. we dont text or anything but once i texted him bc my bff gave me his number and he said whos this and i said idk whos this she gave me ur number and he didnt reply…..
    my bff texts him and snapchats him (they WERE dating but it wasnt a real relationship!! just texting)
    now we’re in school together and im so jealous that she gets to text him
    me and her hang out with his best friend but he never really comes over to talk to us
    im getting mixed emotions.. hes kinda known as a player and hes had so many girlfriends (hottest guy in school) but thats not why i like him! i love his personality and his eyes but idk if he likes me..
    i really feel like he does but somedays he just ignores me :(((
    he once sat down next to me at lunch and i literally dieedddddd
    please help me!
    heartbroken, </3

  • helen

    Hey girls hopefully one of you can help me. I really need help I don’t understand this, so I like this boy in my class I liked him last year and I don’t know who told him but my friend had him last year for a class she told me one of his friends told him I like him.this year I still talk to him one day he tried to help me with something there and another day he helped me cut my paper, but then when I wanted to help him he told me that he didn’t need help and that he needs his space. I just don’t get it sometimes I see him staring at me and I stare back what does this mean? Can someone help me.

  • whatever

    So thee is this guy I like and he looks at me like every single day because I have him for multiple classes. He sometimes teases me so my friends think he likes me but how is that possible if he already has a girlfriend????

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  • nicole

    well i dont know now if he does,he pushed me hard 2 times so i left him alone nd we always play n he know that i feel so hurt nd da whole we would stare at each other a lil n walk away so im very confused

  • Tory

    My crush is in most of my classes with me and we r always talking and stuff like texting and on Snapchat! today i said im gonna go to sleep so i look half noce for school tomoz (coz tomoz is first day of school)
    then he replies with – you always look nice

    im kinda getting mixed signals but idk – what r your thoughts on whether or not he likes me??? thankyou xx

  • kyle

    does my crush like my because she sent me a note with nothing on it and she started to laugh with her friend

  • vanessa

    there is this guy i like but idk if he likes me back he looks at me and i look at him and then he looks away after like 3 seconds. he looks at me evreryday. can someone tell me if he likes me or not.

    • jessica

      this guy i like he looks at me and i look at him and he looks at me for about 3 seconds and he turns away. we are not in the same class but his friends are in the same class as me and they are really nice to me. does he like me???

  • Grace

    I really like this guy and we have 1 class and lunch together which kinda sucks. But anyway I’ve kinda liked him for a while now and I really want him to like me back, we always talk and joke around and he likes to tickle me and step on the back of my shoes and steal them of my feet until I finally steal them back. I’ve known him for a really long time. I just need some advice. Do you think he could like me? Is there anything I can do to maybe make him feel the same way?

  • marissa

    I have a guy that I like and he knows and he likes me too but he has a girl friend and we had a conversation about both of us wanting to kiss what should I do

    • Jaime-Leigh

      Kiss him! Show him he can do better than her!

  • Keira

    when my crush is telling a joke he always looks at me,he looks at me many times because he thought that i cant see him looking but i can see him, even my friend notice it many times i cant help but smile when i saw him looking at me, how can i control myself not to smile?[ because he might notice me smiling at him]

  • Page

    My crush kissed me and he has a girlfriend but he flirts with me and stuff. I don’t know I’m confused. ✌

  • Shaz

    I’m black he’s white and we are colleagues.He is always staring at me when I’m not looking at him,so everytime when I look at him he just quickly look the other way.I am not sure if he likes me or what I really have a crush on this guy.I once changed my hair styles and he noticed and he complimented.I can see that he likes me but he does not know how to tell me because he’s shy.I am also shy and I dnt know how to tell him how I feel about him.Please help me.

  • dnt have one

    he looks at me funny but a cute way and then when I look at him he looks away and he start smiling

  • cari

    i don’t know. I told my crush I loved him. /.\ but he didn’t told me anything. now i’m in college and he and I are in the same english class, and he just says hi to me. but nothing else, like a convo. and when I’m talking to my guy friend, i noticed him from the corner of my eye, he’s looking at me maybe, but yea. O.o

  • jessica

    Look I need help please reply I need advice there’s this cute boy I like he looks at me alot he’s nice to me and asks me if I think he’s anoying and he kinda gets nervous

    • TaraneMachiskinic

      I think he likes you cause he wants to know more and if he looks at you then that is a BIG sign he likes you so good luck