Playlist: 10 Songs To Celebrate New Beginnings

New school year, new season, new beginnings, new you.

Well, at least that’s what we like to think, right? This time of year is so focused on reinvention and setting goals, which can cause a lot of unnecessary pressure.  It’s so much easier to become who we want to be instead of who we or other folks think we should be, right?

If you want to reinvent yourself–even a small part of yourself–do it for you and only for you. If you want to loosen up more, loosen up. If you want to become more invested in your passions, become more invested in your passions. If you want to be the best slam poet/violin player/theater superstar triple threat ever, then go for it, girl! But do it because you want to, not because other people expect it from you.

But I don’t believe in going through important transitions and fresh starts without a soundtrack to remember it by. So here’s a playlist for new new starts and new beginnings, perfect for marking memories; big ones and the little, seemingly insignificant ones that only you can recall.


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TRACKLIST: Arcade Fire – Ready To Start | Moonpools & Caterpillars – Colossal Youth | She & Him – Don’t Look Back | The Cardigans – Rise And Shine | Destiny’s Child – So Good | Kanye West – Good Life | Santigold – Disparate Youth | The Noisettes – Don’t Give Up | Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Turn Into | Patrick Wolf – Land’s End

What songs remind you of a big transition period in your life? What is your go to song to build up your motivation? Tell us in the comments!

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