10 Easy Ways To Find Your Personal Style

I’ve mentioned this before but I’ll mention it again: Personal style is so important to me. I love to play around with how much of myself I can express through my style choices, whether it’s by wearing my hair in an afro, rocking all black or pairing a girly dress with a pair of combat boots. Style is such a fun template of self expression and my love for it is pretty deep. Scratch that, really deep.

But I’m always asked about where I draw my inspiration from and how on earth I manage to have such a solid sense of self when it comes to my style choices. Well, it’s not rocket science, trust me! But I do have a few suggestions for those of you who really want to revamp your personal style without feeling too lost, overwhelmed or uncertain as to where to even begin! Check out these tips and get inspired!


Have you thought about revamping your look? What inspires your current look? Are you into bright, loud prints or more modest styles? Tell us in the comments!

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