GIF My Life: Finishing The Summer Bucket List

We’ve posted a lot of back-to-school stuff lately in honor–or mourning, honestly–of the end of summer.

I know that every summer, I have so many goals of what I want to do, like learning a new skill or reading every day or actually starting an exercise routine that I don’t give up on after 15 minutes. But how often do I actually do what I really want to do over the summer? Ha! Rarely. Summer puts so much pressure on us to do all these amazing, memorable things, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s that pressure that hinders our motivation to actually get something done!

GIF Girl knows exactly what I’m talking about. Here’s how she’s dealing with summer ending, in GIFs, naturally.


I look at the calendar and realize something tragic…



Summer is almost over!



I find my list of summer goals and I want to scream. I’ve barely completed anything from it in the past 2 1/2 months.



I’ve mostly just hung out around the house, because doing something that actually utilizes energy is a pain, I guess.



But this was my summer bucket list! Something to look back on with fond memories!



So I try to frantically finish most of it. I’m in the zone, okay? Truly in the zone.



I go to the beach!



Try to brush up on my painting.



Go out to some big summer party.



But then I come to terms with the fact that the list is still largely incomplete.



Unless I can convince a French dude to make out with me then I think that I’m out of luck.



But despite my disappointment, I’ve learned a very valuable lesson from all of this.



Don’t let the summer pass you by.



But don’t let lists determine the success of your summer either.



And above all else, don’t expect to meet a French dude that you can make out with.



You’re just setting yourself up for disappointment with that one.



Did you have a summer bucket list? What are some things you wish you did this summer that you never got around to doing? Tell us in the comments!

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