The 7 Stages Of Breaking Up With Your Summer Fling

Having a summer fling is so fun! It’s basically a contract for a 3-month non-boyfriend. It’s more than being friends-with-benefits, but you’re not really dating. And the time period is too short for anyone to really develop serious feelings so breaking it off should be a cinch, right?

Wrong. Ending anything is awkward and weird and filled with a lot of “We can still be friends!” nonsense. Breaking up with your summer fling before you head back to school is totally easy if you know you’re never going to see them again. That conversation goes something like this:

You: So…stay in touch! Facebook me?
Fling: Totally, follow me back on Insta.
You: Grool. See ya next summer maybe.
Fling: Sweet.

I wish all breakups could be that easy! But they’re not. And if you know you’re going to see your summer fling again, whether at school or just around your town, things can get complicated. Here are the 7 stages of breaking up with your summer fling:

Have you ever ended things with a summer fling? How did it go? Did you end up dating a summer fling? Tell us in the comments!

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