Quiz: Are You Really Ready To Go Back To School?

There’s something about back to school season that gets me really hyped. I love the gross, plastic smell of new school supplies, I love planning my classes and I love seeing my friends again after a long summer. Even if I’ve had a great vacation, there’s something about a new school year that revamps my passion for challenging myself and showing the world that I’ve got my you know what together.

Of course, after a week all of my new supplies have disappeared, my schedule is a bit of a mess and my motivation has dwindled. But I still love all that preparation.

But what about you? Are you ready to get rid of those sand lodged sandals and start sleeping at a relatively normal hour again? Take our quiz and find out!


Do you love back to school season? Do you want us to stop talking about school because you’re still soaking up that summer sun? Tell us in the comments!

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  • sara

    i hate teachers i mean who likes them

  • lesniks