8 Things You Can Learn From A Breakup

The other day, a friend said to me, “I don’t know why I dated any of my exes. They were all a complete waste of time.” While I am normally down for a little ex-bashing sesh with a good friend, this time, I had to disagree with her. Your ex might be horrible, immature, annoying and downright mean, but I would never call any sort of romantic relationship a complete waste of my time. Why? Because you can learn really important things from past relationships and the breakups you go through when they end.

In fact, these life lessons are probably the best thing about a breakup. If you just ended a relationship, you’re probably sitting there feeling miserable and thinking that there is no “best thing” about a breakup. But once you give it some time, you’ll see what I mean. There are a lot of things you can from a breakup and these things are usually an essential part of you growing up and maturing. So, the next time you’re feeling down in the dumps about a relationship ending, look at things in a positive light and remember the 8 things you can learn from any breakup.

What lessons have you learned from a recent breakup? Are you going through a breakup right now? Tell us about it in the comments.


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  • I was stuck in a 5-year relationship with someone I had nothing in common with, but the time spent with him had made things look really serious in terms of attachment. When I finally set my mind on breaking up with that person, it was obviously the most painful period to let go of all the memories and everything connected to him. I did not regret it even for a moment though and what I learned was you have a completely different perspective of the real situation once you end up the relationship.


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  • Ivy Gordon

    I also have learned many things from previous brakeups. The worst lesson i have learned was that you never have to leave together with someone you still didn’t know well.


    Ivy Gordon

  • We learn only on our own mistakes. Thanks for post

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  • Its always hard step, but life is life… we need to stand up and move on…

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  • Another thing worth mentioning is that you learn a lot after each break up. You know more about what type of partner you do not want with you or what behavior to avoid. And of course you sometimes learn to compromise… Here’s another good post on the matter http://londonmanandvan.co/how-to-get-over-break-up-and-move-on-5-days/ Cheers

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  • Christina

    It literally took me years to recover form my last breakup. Our relationship was serious and we even lived together. I really thought he was the one until one day he came home from work and said we had to split up. His reasons sounded vague and I never really found out the truth. I had to pack up all my stuff and leave as fast as possible. Recently I discovered this removals company http://www.fantastic-removals.co.uk/move-on-movers/ which offers to move out your belongings of your ex’s home so you wouldn’t have to. Jesus what will they think of next. But when I think about it, maybe I would have called them If I’d known.

  • Cherry

    My boyfriend of 3 months just dumped me over text yesterday morning. No reason, nothing, he went from his last text being “I love you” to the first one of the day being “I think we should break up”. That was my first boyfriend, this is my first breakup, and crying basically isn’t optional right now. How am I ever going to love someone like I loved him after he held onto my heart then shattered it in a text? He was the sweetest guy and I don’t know what happened or how I can love again. I know I sound whiny and cliche but I am seriously so done with my life right now.

  • fuko chan

    All I learned was that I was being used, and it was my first relationship too but I’m better now. I have an amazing new bf 🙂