12 Apps You Need To Download Before You Go Back-To-School

Before you know it, most of you will be starting your first day of school. You’ll be sitting at desks, getting homework assignments, studying your butts off and trying to secretly text your besties. And, you know, other stuff. Getting back into school-mode can be difficult, but there are a few things that can make it a little bit easier… like these apps!

Apps are like little miracles on your phones (or iPads) that can help you out in ways you never imagined. If you want everything to be organized, neat and easily accessible on your cell phone, these back-to-school apps are for you. These will help you stay organized, study more efficiently, get homework done and more. Are you ready to have your highest GPA ever? Read on to hear about the 12 apps you need to download for school right now.

Do you already own any of these apps? What do you think of them? Which app are you going to download? What did I forget? Tell me in the comments.


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  • N.A.

    I suggest Quizlet, it is now an app from the Google play store! It’s vocabulary words and you have the option to study them however you’d like. I LOVE it! It really helped me with my tests. You can create your own cards or look up similar sets others have created. It’s similar to StudyBlue.

  • Audrey

    Brittany Mosher, Yah I had to find an alternitive too, wat did you get? I got my dressing fashion closet

  • S

    This was literally soooooo helpful! I got almost all the apps! Great article

  • Michael Ross

    What about this one: http://MySexDoctor.org ???

    I think every one should have it!!

  • Najiyah

    Not everyone has an iPhone :/

    • Jessica Booth

      The majority of these can be downloaded on Google Play and Android phones as well!

  • Heather N

    Here’s an app that maybe you didn’t know existed but is definitely a back to school download for people with anxiety: Self-help Anxiety Management (or SAM).

    “SAM has been developed by a university team of Psychologists, computer scientists and student users. It engages established methods of self-help and high standards of usability to provide a engaging, flexible & practical resource.”

  • Olivia

    Try an app called Pages. If you need to type up stuff and e-mail it to your teacher it’s perfect, but it costs 10 bucks. Also try Google translate. It’s the best translator and it’s free.

    • Liz

      I have to disagree about Google Translate. I am a world language teacher, and it is always very easy for me to tell when my students have used this or other translators. It’s okay for translating individual words or getting the gist of a statement, but not for translating for assignments. If you;re looking for something to translate just an individual word, I highly recommend WordReference.com (Not sure if they have an app?)

  • Brittany Mosher

    This was SOOO helpful since my goal for this year (i’m going to be a Sophomore) I decided to get more organized I also really loved the stylebook app but unfortunately I don’t have an Iphone so I had to find an alternative but still really helpful!