8 Reasons Facebook Is Totally Lame

Today I stumbled across an article written by 13-year-old Ruby Karp who said that she has a Facebook account but none of her friends do, and I was shocked. I thought everyone at least had a Facebook account, even if they didn’t really use it. When I meet someone who doesn’t have FB, I’m concerned and feel like I can’t trust them for some reason.

Ruby went on to say that Facebook is sort of a problem because, “Let’s say I get invited to a party, and there’s underage drinking. I’m not drinking, but someone pulls out a camera. Even if I’m not carrying a red Solo cup, I could be photographed behind a girl doing shots. Later that week, the dumb-dumb decides to post photos from that “amazing” party. If my mom saw I was at a party with drinking, even if I wasn’t participating, I’d be dead. This isn’t Facebook’s fault, but it happens there.”

Ruby also said that her generation is more into simple apps like Twitter and Instagram, which I totally agree with. Facebook is becoming increasingly more complicated and is changing way too often for most of us to keep up. I really only use Facebook for work anyway. I’m primarily on Twitter or Instagram, and I think that Facebook is becoming kind of lame.

What do you think about Facebook? Do you use it often? Do you use other social networks more? Tell us in the comments!

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  • LittleRedWolf

    I agree that Facebook is pretty lame. I use it to keep in contact with friends who don’t live close to me anymore, as well as posting pics (on that note, while you can’t control the pictures other people post, you CAN remove your tag if you want). I actually think Twitter and Instagram are even lamer, to be honest. I feel like we’re trying to simplify things TOO much, and it’s making people… lazier. They’re so used to the simplicity of these online social media sites, they don’t want to have to engage in the complex things in real life. I’m not saying EVERYONE who uses them is like that, but I do see it. There’s a certain mentality brought on by these sites and it concerns me. I think it gets worse for younger people, who grow up with them, as opposed for those of us who remember what it was like before even MySpace. I’m definitely not trying to sound hipster or anything, I’m just pointing out the trends I’m seeing. My mom is a high school teacher, has been for a long time now, and she notices a difference between the way students are now, and the way they were 10 or 15 years ago. They’re way more dependent on their phones, the internet, and social media. These things are definitely useful and I’m not saying we should stop using them, but we need to put more of our focus on the real world. You CAN live without being connected to Twitter or whatever for a while. I’m just concerned people are going to forget how to interact with each other in the real world.