10 Secrets About Guys That I Learned From My Boyfriend (And Other Random Dudes)

When I was younger, I used to think that boys were a different species… an icky, germ-covered species that loved to fart and burp and make fun of girls just for being girls. I never really thought that guys had emotions or feelings. I never imagined them getting heartbroken over a girl or caring that a huge stain was all over their good shirt. Looking back on this, it was pretty unfair of me to stereotype guys so much and to assume that they’re all the same.

As I’ve gotten older (ugh), I’ve learned a lot of secrets about guys that prove that – gasp!dudes are actually just like us! I mean, not just like any of us, because obviously we’re all different and unique and all that good stuff. But when it comes down to it, your average guy probably isn’t all that different from you.

It’s kind of comforting to know these secrets about dudes. I’d like to formally thank my current boyfriend, my brother and every other guy I’ve dated or been friends with in the past for allowing me to learn secrets about guys that I think you all need to know. Finding out more about the inner workings of guys can help you see them differently – and, who knows, it might even score you a date. Find out these secrets about guys that you need to know now:

Did you know any of these things about guys? Do you have any stories about secrets about guys you want to share? What did I forget? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Sara

    i still don’t buy #10. half the guys i know are all “meh whatevs, i was thinking about hooking up with mary jane over there anyways….” when a relationship ends. they seemingly don’t even care and they move on to the next available and unsuspecting prey. it’s like the fact that their girlfriend who they had been in a sometimes serious and long term relationship with was just another conquest and they don’t even look back. bugs the hell out of me and just seems really insensitive and atrocious…….

  • Sara

    so is it just me or has anyone else noticed something? in the 3rd picture in this slideshow, the dude looks EXACTLY like Ned from that old Nickelodeon show “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide” except all grown up. or am I the only one on here who watched that? hmmmm just a thought…..

    • …I totally see what you’re saying, actually. Haha!

  • Abegayle

    I kiss him but he doesn’t just like to stand around and hug all the time.

  • jay

    My boyfriend actually hates to cuddle with me. He always pushes me away.

  • CJAY

    No offense, but was I the only one reading this thinking your boyfriends and brother are complete sissy boys? I’m sorry. Maybe dudes really are emotional and obsessive and stuff. My bad.

    • basschick

      Yes, I think you are. Please do not try to keep individuals stuck in a gender stereotype.

  • johnXXXXXX

    It works both ways ladies. When I have sex I don’t tell her ‘look sweety I’ve had more attractive ones than you’

  • sarah

    To be honest I’ve had many guy friends that have been extremely bummed out when a girl ignores them, goes to show maybe us girls should be a little nicer at letting guys down…