12 Crazy, Interesting Facts About Sex

When you really think about it, sex is pretty weird. Yeah, it’s a beautiful thing and it’s special and it’s the source of all life and all that, but… that doesn’t make it any less strange, when you really think about it. That’s why I’m not surprised at all that there are a ton of weird, crazy facts about sex out there that are just waiting to be read.

Want to know them all? You know you do. After all, who doesn’t like talking (or thinking) about sex? Any of these facts will make for a great conversation starter, if you’re comfortable with that, or they’re just simply fun to know. And you should probably expect another post with more facts about sex sometime in the near future… there are so many out there that there’s no way I can get them all in one post! Read on for 12 crazy, interesting facts about sex:

Did you know any of these facts about sex already? Which surprised you the most? Which one do you think is the weirdest? What did I miss? Tell me in the comments!


10 crazy, interesting facts about orgasms

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  • vibre769

    My boyfriend and I wait at least until I’m on my 3rd day so the blood flow wont be as strong plus he can’t pass more then 3days without having sex with me however I find it less comfortable so we don’t do it as long as we usually would, I honestly prefer to wait until its over it gives your bf some time to miss you so when your period is over he wants you so bad like you want him 😉

  • shaya

    well in my case i really get aroused by simplest things during my periods and always wish to hook up with boyfriend but he doesnt seem to be interested so i really feel bad. though once we had intercourse during my periods it was just awesome i wish he wud sumtime change his mind

  • shaya

    well in my case i really get aroused by simplest things during my periods and always wish to hook up with boyfriend but he doesnt seem to be interested so i really feel bad. though once we had intercourse during my periods it was has fav

  • Stan

    I love to have sex ANYTIME! If a girl is on her period, just use a little extra padding so the bed or couch doesn’t get spotted. What blood ther is actually acts like a lubricant. Believe it or not, I get more turned on having sex with a girl who is on her period. Only two girls I know WON’T have sex while on their period and I’m hoping to change their minds. It is easy to take a shower and clean up and you can do that together. So it is no big deal for me except that I really enjoy sex more while the girl is having her period.

    • Stan

      I want to add to my comment. I love having sex, oral and regular intercourse. I will have sex anytime, anywhere, and with any girl I know and trust and especially on her period. I am happy to say I’m addicted to sex and have enough safe sex partners to keep me busy. I LOVE SEX!!!!!

  • Elizabeth

    I always thought my boyfriend would be totally against sex on my period… But it turns out, he really, really doesn’t mind (as long as I don’t have an uber heavy flow). I’m usually more inclined to want sex while on my period anyway–hello, hormones!–so, to have someone that is willing to help me out in that situation is friggin’ sweet.

    • Mark

      Elizabeth, your boyfriend is the lucky one. I really can’t explain the intense feeling of desire and the explosiveness of the orgasms I have when I have sex with a girl on her period. For me, it is even more intimate than when she is not on her period. Although I spend a lot of time giving oral sex before intercourse, fifteen to twenty minutes, I just cannot do oral when she is on her period. I truly worship pussy and I wish I could eat her but I just can’t and for that I’m most sorry!

  • ????

    I recently had sex on my period but it was towards the end so there wasn’t much blood so my boyfriend didn’t mind. But ya it would be pretty dang goose to do it if there’s a lot of blood (unless your in the shower)

  • Lexxi

    I actually totally understand the whole period thing, i mean if rolls were switched… sorry but im not that into having sex with a bloody penis… lol to each there own though right?

    • Mark

      Lexxi, I bet it’s you who doesn’t want to have sex when you’re on your period. I don’t know how old you are and a lot of young guys are very foolish and uniformed about natural female bodily functions. When I was twelve I was afraid I would hurt the girl but AS SOON AS I found out that some girls like to have sex on thier periods I asked every girl to have sex and only one refused . I have been doing it since a few weeks beforemy thirteenth birthday. But I am eighteen and all of my friends enjoy sex with girls on their periods. I especially enjoy it now. If you find a guy who will have sex with you on your period, do it. You will love it. Most girls say it helps them relax. The blood does not bother me.

      • Liz

        Lol, I’m with Lexxi on this one. The idea is definitely not something I’m remotely interested in!