Would You Rather: Back To School Hook Up Edition

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Source: Shutterstock [1] [2]

In the spirit of the back to school season, we figured we might as well do a back-to-school themed edition of Would You Rather!

I don’t put much credence to high school stereotypes, but they ‘re so prevalent in our cultural consciousness that it is hard not to fall back on them. You know: The cheerleader, the school nerd, the theater kid, the soccer player…they’re all more than their labels but we can’t just forget the positive and negative personality traits they’re associated with.

So for just this one and only time I’m asking you to think about all those silly high school labels and associations and apply them to your answers in this round of Would You Rather.


What high school stereotype are you most attracted to? Do you fit any of them? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Ashley

    I would for the jocks because they’re muscular and fit and strong lol and the artists-musican/poet/writer so I can have a song, portrait or poem about me and for the bicurious girl I’d go for cheerleaders

  • sammiesuzi99

    100% the janitor! If the nurse caught you she would give you the safe sex talk

  • Hayley

    LOL the school nurse is my boyfriend’s best friend’s(aka my ex-boyfriend) mom! HAHAHA

  • Katherine

    Hah… caught in foreplay by janitor? check…

  • sami

    football players

  • Glory

    I have always been a sucker for an athletic, class-clown!

  • Ally

    I am on the cheer team at my school so it might be aqward and I am also the captain interesting loll

  • Söphiee

    I think the jocks cause they happen to be the hottest!! But if I’m drunk I do go like 5% lesbian and get off with cheer girls.. Don’t get me wrong though I’m straight! Ahaa

    • Queenjessica

      your not the only one

  • Tre King

    I like girls who aren’t shy and love to be around all the time. And they have to like sporty guys because I love sports.

    • Gizardlover

      That would be me 🙂

  • Ella

    Me being gay myself I like how they have included girl on girl questions 🙂

  • natalya

    Love nerdy guys with glasses! They are so cute! I’m a nerd personally too! 🙂

    • Mackenzie

      A MEN and DID-OOOOO

  • Molly

    I am one of those girl’s who is like 95% straight and 5% gay, like i prefer men but there most definitely some women who I’d like to get it on with. I love the questions that include the same gender! They are so much fun. Of course usually I have to pass ’cause I’d do neither, but its whatever.

  • ajmccoy

    Being a strong supporter of GAY RIGHTS, I’m very pleased to see questions for girls that are interested in MEN and WOMEN. I’m definitely sending my lesbian, and bisexual friends to this website, so they know that they are on a site that isn’t all about girls being over guys! Kudos to the creator!

  • Cat

    Ashley, why are there questions about hooking up with FEMALES? Influencing teenage girls to be gay is socially unacceptable. Sure, gay people have their own will and freedom to be gay. It doesn’t feel right..

    • Natasha

      Cat, I would like to disagree with you. I applaud Ashley for including questions about girls. By the time most girls are in middle or high school, they’re aware of whether or not they have feelings for other girls. An online quiz isn’t going to cause those feelings. Girls who aren’t straight often feel really left out of sites like this which are so centered around boys. So I’m really pleased that Ashley included the lesbian, bisexual, and queer girls who frequent this site too!

    • I’m not influencing anybody to be gay or straight. I believe in using male and female examples because our readership isn’t just a bunch of straight girls, and I don’t see anything socially unacceptable about that.

      • Christiana

        That’s right Ashley, preach.

    • Cristen

      I agree

  • Lady M.

    Always went for the sporty type, the real jocks not the wannabes.

  • jane

    Wait, why would the crush/hot history teacher be shopping in the bra section in the first place? o.O

    • Sugar, Spice, and everything FATTY


  • Jillian

    Can you do a college edition of Would You Rather next? Please?