10 Questions We Have About Sex Ed In The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is a very intense series featuring loss of innocence, violence, drama and love. Our favorite characters have a lot going on since, you know, they have to fight each other to the death due to a seriously corrupt and oppressive government. It’s not an ideal way to live, but they make it work.

Somehow, in the midst of all the drama, everyone manages to fall in love and raise families. I know that all of the kids go to school, but I feel like that’s not really a focus. So how are they learning anything about sex education? Sure, throw children into an arena to murder each other, but let’s not talk about condoms.

We’ve got a few questions about sex ed in The Hunger Games.

Do you have any questions about sex ed in The Hunger Games? Do you have any answers? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Delia

    Most residents from Districts like 12 are nutritionally stunted; you stop getting your period if you don’t eat enough. Also, most people won’t have sex in those Districts BECAUSE they don’t want any kids who would be tributes. The Capitol has methods of birth control but don’t give them or much sex E to the districts because then they wouldn’t have any tributes. The cameras don’t show the tributes going to the bathroom because that’s not interesting enough; they would show sex, so some tributes do it for sponsors or because they fell like they’re about to die and don’t care if anyone watches. Sex between districts isn’t likely because many districts discourage travel to citizens unless they’re tributes, but sex between tributes of opposing districts or tributes and Capitol officials is considered dramatic and therefore good fodder for the cameras.

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  • MadameAlexander

    The “Everyone is watching” one crossed my mind when I first read the hunger games!!!
    I was like,”They are humans and they would poop and pee………so people are so into watching the hunger games that they would even watch them pee?!”
    P.s- I also wonder like what happened if your “time of the month came” and you were pick for the hunger games just like one of the comments above

  • Lexxi

    My question was always how do female tributes deal with their periods in the arena? I think the capitol would give them some sort of artificial hormone to keep it from coming?

    • Andreia

      I’d figure. They can create mutations and medicine to heal quickly, so I figure they give some sort of hormone or just general medicine to prevent it.

    • Tosin

      I’m guessing that hardly any of the tributes would still get their periods since they live in such poverty. The ones in the richer districts probably have medicine or something to keep them from getting it!

  • Kitty

    Ohhhh… #8 is SO STUPID. Of COURSE you can become a tribute if you are pregnant. Re/read Catching Fire, y’all… ;P

  • Andreia

    Actually, the pregnancy thing is a really big topic in Catching Fire (The book and hopefully it will appear in the movie) *SPOILERS AHEAD* as Katniss had been picked once again to take part in the games because she’s the only living female winning tribute from the district, in the interview with Ceasar before the games begin, Peeta hints that she is pregnant with his child and they got married (all of this is a lie, it’s only to get sympathy from the audience) but none of it matters because she is still forced to go into the arena. So I guess, yes, it’s legal(?) to enter the games and be a tribute even if you’re pregnant.