10 Sex & Hookup Tips From Hermione In GIFs

Hermione Granger. How do I even begin to explain Hermione Granger? She is flawless. I hear her hair is insured for 10,000 Galleons. I hear she does wand commercials…in Japan. Her favorite subject is Charms. One time, she met Viktor Krum on a broomstick, and he told her she was pretty. One time, she punched me in the face. It was awesome.

Okay, okay. Joking aside, Hermione Granger is ultimately my favorite female character ever. EVER. She is brilliant, quirky, loyal and everything you want to be. She really ran the whole operation when it came to defeating Lord Voldemort. Without Hermione, Harry and Ron wouldn’t have been able to do anything. J.K. Rowling, please re-write the series from Hermione’s perspective.

Anyway, Hermione taught us so much about love, life and how to be awesome. And even though sex wasn’t something that was really addressed in Harry Potter, she has some sex and hookup tips in that bag with the undetectable extension charm.

Click through for 10 sex and hookup tips from the brightest witch at Hogwarts!

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  • AverageNerd143

    No offence, but this is kinda dumb. Harry Potter has NOTHING to do with sex or hooking up and this isn’t the first pointless one.

    • Wendy

      This is not dumb. They clearly stated that harry potter doesn’t mention sex as a major event but this is funny for harry potter fans like myself. Its getting facts and tips in a fun way. Stop judging, if you don’t like it, don’t look at it.