10 Excuses You Need To Stop Making For Your Boyfriend

Sometimes, you don’t always realize when you’re stuck in a bad relationship with a terrible boyfriend. Most of the time, though, you sort of realize, but you don’t want to admit it to yourself or anyone you know, so you end up just making all of these excuses for your boyfriend whenever he does something awful. Yeah, these excuses are usually made to get your friends off your back, but they’re also made to help you feel better about the crappy way he’s treating you. And guess what? They need to stop.

If you’ve found yourself in a relationship where you’re constantly making excuses for your boyfriend’s behavior, you’ve found yourself in the wrong relationship. Yes, there are plenty of times where your BF really is tired or cranky and that explains why he’s being a little snippy. Yes, sometimes he really is busy with work and that’s why he can’t be around as much as you’d like. But I’ve found that most of the time, when these excuses are coming out of a girl’s mouth every other day, her boyfriend just sucks and she can’t admit it.

I have a friend who makes excuses for her BF constantly and it makes me so sad because I feel sorry for her. I myself used to make some of these excuses for my ex. Looking back, I wish someone would have been like, “Cut the crap, Jessica.” So, that’s why I’m telling you guys that, if you’re doing this, you need to stop. If you’ve found yourself saying this stuff or stuff just like this all the time, break up with that dude. Here are the 10 excuses you need to stop making for your boyfriend.

Do you make these excuses for your boyfriend or the guy you’re talking to? Do you know anyone who does? Which one is the worst? Tell me in the comments.


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  • bonita fuller

    I have a boyfriend who says he needs slow he is coming off a 5 year marriage and his ex is still haunting him even though they dont communicate and he has 2 kids by a previous relationship and his mother passed away a few months ago so now he caters to his dad and everything was going good in the beginning and in the past 2 weeks everything has come to a hault between us. He never wants me to come over or hes to tired or something ive done everything to be support of should i hang on or give up we text every day to each other sometimes it doesnt feel enough what do i do i love him

  • Desiree

    Although, I don’t believe that domestic violence victims are at fault, there are some victims who will attack you first or will cheat on you or something like that, I’m not saying it’s acceptable, but in those cases I can see where the abuser is coming from as a girl who smacked her ex in the face and kicked his balls after finding out he cheated.