What It’s Really Like To Crush On A Guy Who Has A Girlfriend, In GIFs

It’s happened to all of us at some point or another: you have a crush on a guy who already has a girlfriend. UGH. Knowing that you like someone who is already (probably) happily taken with someone else is one of the worst feelings ever. It’s like the world is playing a big trick on you: here’s this amazing dude you want to be with, but you can’t.

Crushing on someone who’s in a relationship is complicated. It leads to messy, emotional feelings and it basically just stinks. It’s enough to make you question all of your morals. So, here’s what it’s REALLY like to crush on a guy who has a girlfriend. I think most of you will appreciate this:


You spot this hot guy and you’re like: (mine gif finding nemo)

finding nemo gif


You spend days (maybe weeks) figuring out how to start a conversation with him.

thinking gif


You go out of your way to try to see him and talk to him.

stalking gif


Finally, IT HAPPENS.

lucy hale gif


He’s basically perfect and you’re pretty much in love.

in love gif


Until you find out… he has a girlfriend.

keri russel gif


How can the man of your dreams have a girlfriend already?!

crying gif


You tell yourself to stop thinking about him, but you can’t.

sad gif


So you decide it’s totally fine to like him as long as you don’t tell him.

shrug gif


But whenever you see him, you can’t help but flirt with him.

selena gomez gif


You start stalking his girlfriend on social media. What does he see in her?Β 

avril lavigne


You wonder if you could break them up.

thinking gif


Then you feel bad for wondering that.

guilty gif


You complain to all of your friends until they’re like, “God, SHUT UP.”

roll eyes


People are like, “There are other fish in the sea,” and you’re just like, “But I want that one!”

iron man gif


Every time you see him, you feel happy and excited but also miserable because he’s taken.

emotions gif


You briefly consider telling him how you feel.

avril lavigne girlfriend gif


NO. You can’t do that! He doesn’t care!

no gif


So then your life is a series of endless questions. Should you wait around for him? Should you move on? Should you tell him you love him?

confused gif


Everything is confusing.

cat gif


Seeing them together is like being punched in the gut multiple times.

crying gif


You just want to be with him.

heartbroken gif


Life is not fair. πŸ™



Have you ever had a crush on someone who was already in a relationship? Did it feel like this? What did I miss? Tell me in the comments.


What it’s REALLY like when your boyfriend has a girl best friend

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  • Lumi

    I can’t move on. I hate this feeling.

  • G.

    This is me right now… The guy i like is actually also my best friend. We met at church camp, and he had a crush on me. I thought he was way to cool to even look at me, but we started texting and haven’t stopped since. After about two months of texting with a little flirting, he told me he also liked another girl. Plus he lives like an hour and a half away. I kinda understood, but i still liked him as a friend so we kept talking. But the more and more we talked, and hung out occasionally the more I liked him. Fast forward 9-10 months later, he has a girlfriend that i believe he’s serious about. And it just hurts so much to see them together on social media. All i ever wanted to do was have a chance to date him, i honestly believe we would have stayed friends even if we had broken up. (and honestly i don’t know what he sees in her: she seems nice, just not his style) πŸ™

  • BooBoo

    You’ve hit the nail on the head, except we’ve been friends for about 8 years and I’m almost certain he used to have a big thing for me (when I had a boyfriend), which makes it all the worse that now I have a big thing for him he has a girlfriend.. Fortunately, I don’t ever see them together.

  • MRE

    Well, I’m kinda going through this right now. One of my close friends who I’ve slowly grown a crush on over the last few months has a girlfriend… However she is a freshman and college and he is a junior! He’s going to visit her this weekend, I want to break them up, but at the same time I don’t because that would destroy him and our friendship, anyone have ideas?

    PS: I’ve known he’s had a girlfriend for a while, but only started liking him recently.

  • AnnoymousGirl

    Oh..My..God… EXACTLY πŸ˜‚πŸ˜“ I Think He Likes Me But He’s CRAZY About Her!! Arghhh!! Complicating!!

  • xoxox

    oh my god! yes it so true about the gif. let me tell u my story. yes i had a crush on someone who already has a girlfriend. it begins since our trip in some village. we are so fine before this trip was held ( actually i was so fine with him). until we arrived to the village. when we arrived we do snapchat together, make fun of someone, playing mud ( i know its sound disgusting but it was fun), and many more. when the night comes we getting much closer like when he was lay around and plalying games in his phone i was like sleeping in his back and yet he didn’t complain about it. he always makes me scared about the ghost stuff and i hate it but he just laughing. the next morning we do tracking to some ancient place the road was soooo crazy and tired. but he always make a jokes thats make me likes him even more. we do race running (im the one who lose), playing kim k game, and he always embrace me infront of everyone and everyone just laughing. when we heading back to the city at the bus sit at the same seat. we just talking, make fun of something, share a food, and when he ask me “do u ever have a relationship ?” i didnt give a real answer im just make him curios about me and of course he keep asking that question. before we arrived im asking him coulf he take me to the train station cause my driver cant pick me up and his reaction is priceless. his reaction is: he touching his cheek with hand (asking for kiss in the cheek) and im just like laughing and say are u crazy (i want to kiss u so bad). but i go home by cab (regret). the next day we chatting funny and not important but yes i do really feel so happy. but one day he didnt text me and when i open snapchat he went to the amusement park WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND. u can imagine how broken i am….. thats my story sorry for the bad english

  • Music090

    Soo, yeah he has a GF. He just moved here from another city though, and his GF lives in his home town. They have been together for a year, and he says he loves her. He acts really nice around me and I don’t want that to end, but he always talks about his GF around me also. UGH!!!!! It is so hard to to cry. So that is my story. Plus this article is VERY ACCURATE!

  • evenTMsunshineburns

    OMG I’m sorry but this literally just happened to me in real life!!! I had my first day with my crush who has a gf completely as friends (we totally been flirting through text ) but not too much and his gf is known as I talk about boys! And in the end of our date it rained!! We were at the Griffith observatory in LA too, super romantic and it was like everythjng I could have wished for and more! We linked arms as we walked through the museum and back to the car as it rained! We didn’t kiss! And we got yogurt land and talked in his car and literally I was thinking in my head “this is confusing what am I doing” because his gf came up and basic he says pretty much his other friends and female friends tell him” he’s just settling” I listened and I didn’t agree or disagree but I ended up saying I thought I should back off because he said “he’s not going to break up with her he wants her to do it” and I’m not going to be anyone second choice and he has super relationship potential and I don’t want to be that girl we’re already super flirty in text and the connection was perfect and I don’t want to have to pretend to want to be just his friend or have to hold my feelings back and I would want the same respect as a gf and then I said “well actually let me think about it for a while ” he understood too and respected it but laughed too he’s a marine and I’m 22 what should I do? But seriously who ever made this meme is amazing and literally I promise you this was me this whole 2 weeks when it started!!! HAHAHAHAH thank you for thisπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•β€οΈπŸ’•β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜ xoxo sunshine

  • Sam Davis

    I like this guy in my band class. One day my friend and I were pushing a computer cart to a teacher in A hall and we were laughing because we’re running everyone over with the cart. Then “he” comes by and smiled 😍. I tried to smile back but we were laughing so hard! In fact I started laughing even harder because he never noticed me. I was suprised😊 I told my friend about him but then she told me that he had a girlfriend. I was devastated! I can’t talk to him because I’m so why! My friends are so tired of me saying how hot he is and then complaining about his girlfriend. I hate my emotions😭

  • So there’s this guy in my piano class, he’s really cute and smart. On November 7ish of last year (2014) he heard me playing the song “where do I begin” love story theme song. He sits in the same side as I do, but he’s at the front. He turned around and he had a smile on his face. Class ends at 11:50, as I was walking out he stopped me and asked me if he could borrow the music sheet. I was sick that week and could not concentrate, but we both love that song. I was looking at hiM and he was smiling. I was so nervous I couldn’t speak, I stuttered.
    The week after I was printing a new music sheet of the love story theme song cause I though I had lost it. I went to the front to get it and printed out a second copy for him, but I was too scared give it him. He turned to see me and continued playing his piano.
    I’m not sure if he likes me, but I like him. When I see him my heart beats really fast I feel like I’m going to faint.

    And just for fun, I wrote a poem for him. It says
    When I look into your blue eyes I feel like I’m sailing through the ocean. I go on adventures I’ve never been before. Everyday when you smile you look flawless. If it wasn’t for you being in my piano class I wouldn’t know what true love is.

    I looked him up of Facebook (not in a stalking way) but, i wanted to see if he had a fb or not, anyways I found him, friend requested him. ever since we talk for a few minutes and it’s always me who tries to make a conversation and he’s the one that makes it awkward because I reply and he never sees the msg and never replies. Anyways As I was getting ready to ask him out! First I had to figure out if he had a girlfriend .so last (wednsday) I was talking to him, asked him how he was. he said i’m doing well, how have you been today? etc. then i asked straight to the point. “so how’s your girlfriend doing?” He said “she’s doing well” i was just shocked, I didn’t cry or anything, so instead of ignoring it, i replied “glad to hear that” the convo ended with him telling me “see you tomorrow!” but didn’t even say “Hi” when he came to the classroom or said “bye” when he left.

    anyways i’m doing perfectly fine finding out he’s taken, but i mostly care about the friendship we have and that’s all it matters to me. My cousin told me that
    i’ should just keep acting normal, like nothing happened. otherwise 1) he will know that i liked him and I thought that losing him as a friend would hurt more.
    My cousin (He’s a teenager, and is inexperienced (hasn’t had a gf yet) he cared for me and told me that “I will find someone else”
    and i’ve been thinking to myself, if it’s meant to be time will take care of it, and then we’ll see what happens.

    The worst part and that I got to think that he liked me back, now i know he never did.

    the question is why did he stop me on my way out of class? why did he accept my friend request on Facebook? why did he accept to hang out?

    I even saw some of the body language cues during our hang out.

    He fixed his hair, ran his fingers through his hair, apparently that means he’s attracted to you and he wants to look his best.

    He covered his face, he was getting red, I asked him if he was tired. he said “No” also he told me that he worked at the learning center but, didn’t want to go to work …..Hmmmmm why?
    Also when he asked me “where do you want to work? and the first thing that popped into my head “Kohl’s” He said “I can see you working there” and looked at me shirt as he said it.

    Btw. yes this is exactly how I felt, and now TIME TO MOVE ON! :I

  • JellyBelly

    I’m going through this now :c he’s with someone he feels bad for but he’s been with her for 3 years. And the only reason hes with her (so he says) is bc she threatens with suicide. Apparently they haven’t done anything intimate since he admitted he had feelings for me. …. but knowing he’s still “hers” is gut wrenching. I played coy about having feelings for him.. i mean i think is obvious (so does he) but I’m not gonna go out of my way.. if he wants me. Im hoping he’ll make the big move, and dump his current. Its just so fucking sad. Or it is to me. We’re prefect for each other too. We do all the same stuff. Same favorites. … buhh. Good luck to anyone who’s going through this.

  • yo


  • lilbirdy

    Seriously thought there would be some sort of happy ending, or resolution, or advice! lmao like wtf this sucks, im gonna be a evil bitch and be his hottest friend till he begs for it mawahhahaha

    • guest101

      this made me laugh so hard.

  • Thatgirlinthatsitch

    STORY OF MY LIFE. Except after a year of knowing this guy at my college I finally ha the guts to tell him, andnow it’s awkward as hell, and I feel his eyes on me all the time o.o