’90s Pickup Lines

Confession: I think pickup lines are hilarious. I find that these days, if a guy is brave enough to potentially embarrass himself by using a pickup line, he might be worth a shot. It takes a lot of guts to actually use a line, and if you can make a girl laugh, that’s a good sign.

Personally, I think the cheesier, the better. And what’s more cheesy than the ’90s? Pretty much nothing. Some of the best and cheesiest pickup lines came out of the ’90s. The majority of them from Fresh Prince, actually.

I rounded up some awesome ’90s pickup lines and some that are ’90s themed for you to try out on your crush.

Has anyone used a pickup line on you before? Did it work? Have you ever used a pickup line on someone? Tell us in the comments!

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  • rai’ma

    I luv d first nd d second.awesome

  • Lucy

    You forgot the one from ‘Daria’

    “So girls, where have you been all our lives?”

    “In this room. We were born in this room. We grew up in this room, and we thought we were going to die in this room…….”

  • Jayyden

    I like the first one and the Pokemon one. Me gusta Pokemon 😀