The 15 Worst Types Of Friends You’ll Have At Some Point In Your Life

Having a few good friends is a wonderful thing. Good friends are there for you when you need them. They can make you laugh until you cry with inside jokes only you guys will get, they are the people you can talk to about anything and everything and they’re the ones you run to when your stupid crush is being, well, stupid.

But here’s the thing about friends: there are good ones and then there are horrible ones. Usually these bad friends are known as frenemies, but sometimes, they’re just people trying to be good friends but failing because they’re kind of the worst. Does that make sense?

At some point in all of your lives, you will have, or have had, one, two, maybe even 10 of these types of friends. That is a promise (although one you may not look forward to). Personally, I have had every single one of these friends. Aren’t I lucky?

Here are the 15 worst types of friends you will have at some point in your life. Enjoy and know you will continue to love most of these people, even if they’re annoying. Friends, amirite?


The friend who only wants to talk about herself all.the.time. Every single conversation you guys have gets turned back to her immediately. 

legally blonde gif


The friend who is constantly in competition with you. Even though you’re not sure why, you compete back with her. 

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The friend who swears she won’t tell anyone that huge secret you just accidentally told her in a moment of weakness, but the next day half the school knows while she tries to play Miss. Innocent. 

pretty little liars gif


The friend who, it seems, hangs with you just to talk crap about all of your mutual friends. You know she has to be doing the same thing to you behind your back. 

gossip gif


The friend who begs you to go out with her because she wants a girls night, then proceeds to leave you alone wherever you are because she’s flirting with someone. Cool. 

emma stone gif


The friend who is constantly one-upping you. Like when you try to tell her how you’re so sad that your crush got a new GF and she’s like, “Oh, well, listen to THIS. My crush got a new GF the day he kissed me SO it was pretty much worse than your story.” 

annoying gif


The friend who seems to only keep you around to make fun of you so that she feels better about her life. Why are you even here? 

lizzie mcguire gif


The friend who doesn’t exist in your life every single time she gets a BF, yet comes running back like everything is fine when they break up… only to find a new boyfriend and ditch you again. 

couple gif


The friend who brags about everything. E v e r y t h i n g. Like you care. 

new girl gif


The friend who asks for everything but does nothing in return. She’s always like, “Can you give me a ride?” “Can I borrow $5?” “Can we hang at your house tonight, my parents are tired?” But when you ask for a favor back, she conveniently always has an excuse. 

miley cyrus gif


The crazy friend who is always partying and always pressuring you to do stuff like drink and smoke and try drugs. Get off my back, bro. 

full house gif


The friend who ALWAYS flirts with the dudes you like, yet acts like she doesn’t. Can you just back off?! 

flirting gif


The friend who copies every single thing you do until you want to scream. She says she likes one thing, but if you say you don’t like it, she’s like, “Actually, me neither.” Your mom is like, “Imitation is a form of flattery!” and you’re just like, no. 

tina fey gif


The overbearing friend who gets jealous whenever you hang out with anyone but her and don’t invite her. Or you do invite her and she spends the majority of the time complaining about how you don’t pay enough attention to her. 

beg gif


The flakey friend who takes full DAYS to respond to your text messages. It’s almost impossible to make plans with her and once you finally do, she inevitably cancels or reschedules said plans. 

sorry gif


Do you have any of these types of friends? Have you ever? Which type annoys you the most? Do you think you are any of these? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Pau Espejo

    i have all these types of friends.. this is the worst: a friend who swears she won’t tell anyone that huge secret you just accidentally told her in a moment of weakness.

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  • Catelyn

    i only have one friend(dont judge me i was home schooled this year!!) and(yay) she`s 13 of these i try to be a better friend but somehow it seems like she try`s to be a worst friend, i wanna let her go but have no idea how

  • Iserk

    I’m the flakey friend. I feel horrible about it because I’m pretty much avoiding everyone until I feel better. I have depression, and it has made me very insecure about my behaviour. No matter what I do, I feel like I’m pissing someone off enough for them to take a knife to my neck.

  • Lee

    The flakey friend who isn’t so flakey but just plain mean. SHe will not return your calls, text messages or very slow to respond on facebook. It’s all about control for her. SHE will be the one to decide when the two of you get together not the other way around. SHe thinks very highly of herself. SHe must have the best clothes, furniture, ect.

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  • brianna

    my “friend” is 9 of these i think its time i get a new friend .______.

  • Taylor

    “The friend who brags about everything” like when i tell my friend my dad wont let me have a boyfriend , she says well my mom lets me do anything. Im like i dont care she makes it seem like shes better than me or something! And im tired of it!

  • Sarah Enzman

    or the kind who no matter what won’t let YOU plan YOUR future

  • Stephanie Penlet

    I feel like I am some of these and I feel like my best friend is some of these too (But not any of the pretty bad ones like flirting with a guy that the other likes, or pressuring to do drugs). But in the end her and I always have each other’s backs. I think that not everyone is perfect, everyone has their faults, and it is just a matter of “how bad are these traits? Am I willing to accept them for this person to be my friend?”. Also at the end of the day, if you can think over your friendship and say “yeah, that person is an over all good person and a good friend”, and if you know that person will have your back, doesn’t that matter more than anything?…
    I’m probably sounding naive here but I’m basically trying to say that sometimes people feel like talking about just themselves or bragging about things. People come from all walks of life and sometimes the way they interact with others is effected by what has happened in their personal life. I am not saying that a person should be excused for being a “not so great” friend, but what I am trying to say is, some people have their reasons for acting the way they do (despite being an over all nice person besides those things), and if you are willing to understand them enough and still be their friend, I think that some of these shouldn’t be applied to the “frenemie” image. Though they could, but there are some great friends out there that have little quirks such as some of these. (Like the light competition thing or the “one upping you” or the one that likes to talk about herself) Everyone has flaws, including some of those…It’s just a matter of whether you can stand them enough to be a person’s friend.

    That is just my opinion though. Loved the article and I love these “gif” posts!

    • haggis

      omg i agree with you completely. like what’s wrong with half of the things on this list, as long as they are lighthearted? well no actually some of these things are terrible. but some, like the competitive one, are fine

  • Hailey

    “The friend who doesn’t exist in your life every single time she gets a BF, yet comes running back like everything is fine when they break up… only to find a new boyfriend and ditch you again.” I have that friend, only it’s a guy, he’s one of my best friends, he’s my ex, and he’s constantly flirting with me. We have a pretty weird relationship.

  • Jessie

    I have an idea, if somebody does more thant one of these to you, ditch them no matter how much you like them, DITCH THEM, they’re not worth your time.